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FIREloc -2 Hour Fire Rated Chemical Storage - FM or Warnock Hersey Approved

2 Hour fire-rated hazardous material storage buildings for flammables and combustibles storage

FIREloc™ is the strongest 2-hour fire rated hazmat storage building available today. FIREloc™ is manufactured from heavy gauge steel, has a built-in secondary containment sump for spill containment, and provides a base that has unmatched strength. These 2-hour fire rated chemical storage buildings are designed for storing flammables, combustibles, and other chemicals that require a fire rating when located 10' - 30' from an occupied facility or property line (check with local authorities about any variance allowances).

FIREloc™ Flammable Chemical Storage Building Benefits

The FIREloc™ protects your products from harmful conditions and theft, while achieving chemical storage compliance with all applicable codes and requirements. This 2-hour fire rated unit can be manufactured to meet a bi-directional wall construction, as well as a unidirectional wall construction for storing your products. You can modify your FIREloc™ chemical storage building to include a variety of optional accessories and each can be manufactured with FM or Warnock Hersey Approval. Explosion relief construction can even be included to allow for Class 1A, 1B and 1C flammables as well as Class II and III Combustibles and/or mixing of Class 1B Flammable Chemicals.

Turn to FIREloc™ for flammable chemical storage in a safe environment for your business and employees that will last for years to come. Our reputation and strength in design demonstrates our commitment to quality construction and customized manufacturing techniques for you and your company. Call us today at (800) 233-1480 or use our online Quote Request form to see how a flammable storage building by US Chemical Storage can help you become compliant, while increasing your storage capacity and production.


Standard Features:

  • Dimension: L X W X H
  • Weight: *VARIES
  • Snow Load: 40 PSF
  • Floor Load: 500 PSF
  • Wind Load: 130 MPH Exp. C
  • Seismic: Category: C

Above are design factors unless noted otherwise on drawings as directed per local and state codes.

*Accessories may alter building weight and dimensions.

When located more than 10 to 30ft away from other facilities, roads or property lines, fire-rating is not necessary for flammable and combustible chemicals. Should the building require heating or cooling systems, the walls and ceiling/roof would have to be insulated. The exposed insulation material should be covered for mechanical protection. This can be achieved by steel liner and/or gypsum board. When fire rating is required gypsum type x is used.

WALL STRUCTURAL FRAMEWORK: Two (2) hour fire rated noncombustible weatherproof construction that meets or exceeds UL 263 & ASTM E-119, with multiple layers of UL Classified fire-resistant gypsum wallboard encased between exterior 12 gauge steel and interior heavy gauge Galvanneal sheet steel for maximum durability. Gypsum wallboard layers are offset with overlapping joints for maximum fire resistance. Conforms to NFPA 30 standards. Structure fabricated from 3” x 2” x 1/8” steel structural or mechanical tubing members placed on 24-inch on center. Building perimeter is manufactured with 6”x3”x3/16” steel tubing below and above wall studs. The corner studs and door frame opening studs shall be 3”x3”x3/16”. Framework connected by welding. Exterior sheets are connected to wall framework at each seam with a continuous weld.

ROOF SYSTEM: One (1) hour fire rated Class A flame spread rating.  Wind uplift exceeds UL I-60 and is constructed of 1 hour fire rated, weatherproof construction.  Exterior roof sheets are continuously welded to roof supports at each seam. Roof Structural System is fabricated from 14 ga. formed channel 4” in width on 12” centers, welded to roof supports at each seam.  All framing members are mechanical or structural tubing.  12 ga. HRS steel roof with multiple layers of UL Listed fire resistant gypsum wall board lined on both interior and exterior with heavy gauge galvanneal sheets.  Assembly meets or exceeds UL 263 and ASTM-E119.  Roof is sloped to facilitate runoff and door(s) are equipped with rain shields.

FLOOR SYSTEM: Grating and Leak Proof Spill-Containment Sump Assembly is a 6” inch high assembly consisting of 1” inch deep welded steel floor grating over 6” inch deep leak proof secondary containment sump. Continuous steel floor grating throughout building, fabricated from welded steel grating with 1 x 3/16” bearing bars at 1 x 3/16” inches on center and crossbars at 4 inches on center. The grating material is made from galvanized steel. Sump is fabricated utilizing continuously welded 10 gauge steel sheets for maximum spill containment. Chemical-resistant acrylic alkyd enamel coating is applied to secondary containment sump. Floor System is fabricated to comply with NAAMM MBG 531, “Metal Bar Grating Manual for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.

BUILDING BASE: Open channel construction, underside coated with chemical resistant corothane I-Coal Tar for maximum corrosion resistance. Forklift pockets and hold-down brackets for ease of off-loading and relocation. Building base framing is capable of withstanding 1000 psf minimum. The building base is constructed in this manner to ensure the fork lifting, loading, transporting, offloading, and relocation do not affect this chemical storage building. This is to ensure the door openings remain square after lifting the building multiple times with a crane or fork trucks. The building base assembly shall consist of the following materials: 6 x 4 x 3/16” rectangular tubing, Hold Down Brackets welded to building are ½” thick plate steel angles, Floor Channel C.

STATIC GROUNDING SYSTEM: One exterior grounding connection, one 10-foot long 5/8” diameter copper-clad steel grounding rod, and grounding lugs.

GRAVITY AIR FLOW VENTS: UL listed with 1-1/2 hour rated fire dampers with UL listed 165 degree fusible links. Dampers include louvers and screens to provide airflow and have a galvanized steel frame and curtain type.

Building Finish: After an extensive cleaning process the interior and exterior surfaces are protected with a high solids alkyd universal metal primer (primer) and a high solid acrylic alkyd enamel top coat providing proven interior chemical resistance as well as exterior abrasion, corrosion, UV resistance and exceptional durability.

SIGNAGE: Permanent D.O.T. metal flip placard with rust proof aluminum holder and stainless steel clips on each building. One (1) pressure sensitive NFPA 704 Hazard Rating sign.

APPROVALS: This unit will have Warnock Hersey Approval. Third party and/or state approvals are available and are not included in this quotation unless noted.

Accessories may increase exterior dimensions.

Color: Standard Color is Bleached Bone unless noted otherwise. Other color choices available are White, Barber Green, Aztec Brown, Dove Gray. Custom Colors available upon request.

Storage Capacity shall be up to: (x) Fifty-five (55) gallon drums or (x) 4’ square pallets or totes. Stored back-to-front and side-to-side completely filling all available floor space. Total room storage capacity is in (X) gallons in “packed-in” mode.

Storage Capacity Option: (x) Fifty-five (55) gallon drums or (x) 4’ square pallets or totes with (x) wide aisle for inspection and material handling of hand trucks, lifters, forklifts and crane hoists maneuvering capability. Total room storage capacity is in (X) gallons less floor space allowed for aisles.

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