A general modular chemical storage building from U.S. Chemical Storage.

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Modular Chemical Storage Buildings

A modular chemical storage building from U.S. Chemical Storage is loaded to a truck.

Modular chemical storage buildings from U.S. Chemical Storage offer countless benefits for those with a large amount of hazardous material in excess of what can be stored in our standard storage buildings that can hold up to 136 drums in a single 60-foot by 12-foot building. If your space or storage requirements exceed this limit, our 100% customizable modular chemical storage buildings multiply your choices when smaller buildings are simply not an option. U.S. Chemical Storage multi-Sectional modulars chemical storage buildings can be configured horizontally, vertically, or both. They can range from two to four pieces or more depending upon the custom design and your storage needs.

These multi-piece modular hazmat storage buildings can be custom designed with efficient and compliant heating, cooling and electrical packages. Our engineers create a custom solution to meet your bulk chemical storage needs and heating and cooling calculations are performed so our team can customize the size of your unit to meet your desired temperature range.

When units have specific fire ratings or explosion proof requirements, attention is given to your building’s accessory package. Depending on your needs and specific chemical types, 2-hour and 4-hour partition walls can be custom engineered to group and/or segregate non-compatible chemicals or specialty gases.

General arrangement and submittal drawings can be provided with an engineer’s seal upon request prior to submittal to the owner/end-user, architect or engineer. Third party and state approvals are available which makes permitting, presentations to local planning boards, and gaining fire marshal approval a simpler process.

Duplex Building Benefits

Because they are too large to ship completely assembled, modular buildings offer an alternative method of construction. Structures are wired and assembled at the factory, then taken apart and packaged in shippable modules. It arrives on site ready for mating and fastening together. Our bolt-together design and detailed instructions makes on-site assembly precise and easy. Modules arrive pre-wired and only require box-to-box connections to finish the electrical.

We can also supply professional site supervisors to work with your assembly contractor, or we can provide trained assembly crews for some installations.

Government and Military Applications for Modular Buildings

When a larger footprint is required, our prefabricated modular buildings are the preferred method for government and military chemical storage applications. Our innovative modular building technique uses multiple units to increase the size of any building. Because it can be assembled in nearly any configuration, it’s an ideal solution for bases with limited openings in buildings, narrow aisles or other obstructions that would hinder the movement or proper placement of your structure within your facility.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% customizable
  • Durable steel construction
  • Acrylic alkyd enamel with epoxy paint upgrade available
  • 15-year structural warranty
  • EPA compliant spill containment sump
  • Mixing and dispensing rooms available

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1. How do I comply with regulations?

Chemical storage buildings manufactured by U.S. Chemical Storage are designed to get your operation compliant. Contact one of our technical sales engineers to learn how we can find the best solution for your compliance needs. You will also want to learn more about specific chemical storage requirements in your specific area by contacting your local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) who could be a local fire marshal, a municipal code official, or a city environmental department.

2. Do I need a fire-rated building?

First consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to determine the type of chemical you’re storing and any storage requirements listed. There are two main classifications of buildings to consider: fire-rated and non-fire-rated steel buildings. There are three main questions you should answer before engineering or design can begin on your building: what is to be stored, how much of it is being stored, and where is the location it will be stored? You will also need to consult with your local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) or local code expert to determine your area’s specific storage building requirements. Our team at U.S. Chemical Storage has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to help analyze your storage needs, but the final approval is made by the local AHJ, so you will need to ultimately ask them about your requirements early in the planning process.

3. Do I need shelves?

Shelves are used to help keep smaller containers of chemicals organized. U.S. Chemical Storage offers a variety of shelving for your specific application. Most commonly used is a galvanized steel shelf with a 2-inch wall around the perimeter. The leak-proof containment sump lip around the edge will prevent small spills from reaching the floor.