Magazine Explosive Storage

5 Steps you need to know


What are you storing?


May require fire-rated construction depending on how close the chemical storage building is to occupied facilities or property lines.


Optional climate control and wet or dry fire suppression systems are also available.

Optional climate control and wet or dry fire suppression systems are also available.


How much do you need to store?

Gallons or Tons?

Standard elevated flooring has a 250 lb. psf load rating, but can be customized to meet any need.


Where will it be?

Closer than 10-ft or inside another structure

4-hour fire-rated structure may be required for flammable/combustible materials.

Between 10-30-ft from facility

Flammable/combustible materials will need a 2-hour fire-rated structure.

More than 30-ft from facility

Non fire-rated storage will be compliant for flammable/combustible materials.


How will materials be stored and removed?

We have solutions

Whether you need racks, shelves or large openings, configurations are available to meet every requirement.


What if it spills?

We have solutions

All US Chemical Storage buildings have a built-in EPA compliant secondary containment sump to keep spills or leaks contained.

Best-in-class on-time delivery

Installing a chemical storage building is one component of a larger project. U.S. Chemical Storage consistently helps its customers meet stringent project deadlines by providing accurate lead and delivery times based on factory volume at the time of the order.

Communicating all steps of an order, from the speed of fabrication in the factory, logistic requirements and exact delivery dates, demonstrates the highest level of project and order management.

Benefits of on-time delivery


Ensures customers can install their building as soon as it arrives - especially important when industrial equipment like cranes are needed


Manages customer expectations, from initial quote to delivery


Provides peace of mind that project deadlines will be met


Please note: Users of U.S. Chemical Storage buildings should consult applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. U.S. Chemical Storage does not recommended code compliance and suggest practices. All content on may not be construed as such.