Chemical storage unit with racks

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Racks and Shelves

Chemical storage building with racks
U.S. Chemical Storage offers an assortment of fully customizable racks to help you store, organize, and access a large numbers of hazmat containers. Gravity sliding, multi-tier pallet racks, cylinder racks, drum racks and many other compliant rack accessories will increase the safety and production capacity of your operations.

Get Organized with Storage Racks and Shelves

We also offer a variety of customizable shelving systems for organized storage of your chemical inventory.

Types of Racks and Shelves

Pallet Storage Rack

The pallet storage rack has multi-level storage for efficient storage, maximizing storage space to allow for ease of movement. It also helps you achieve compliance with government regulation while providing a safe environment for your team.

Pallet storage racks can accommodate between 2 and 48 pallets in a single building. Larger pallet capacity sizes and designs are available.

Rolling Tote and Pallet Storage Racks

Improve production capacity, safety, and forklift accessibility with our durable rolling tote and pallet rack system. Rollers built into the pallet and tote racks allow the pallet/tote in the back position to slide safely forward once the front pallet/tote has been removed. A stop plate is installed at the face of our racks to prevent safety issues or injury.

Sliding or push-back racking is available upon request.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple loading and unloading system
  • No hydraulics required
  • 100% structural steel
  • Extremely durable
  • 100% customizable

Gas Cylinder Storage Racks

The durable gas cylinder rack allows you to vertically store and organize gas cylinder containers, increasing safety, accessibility, and production capacity when working with these potentially difficult containers. Customize your cylinder rack to house as many cylinders needed.

Heavy gauge steel construction will ensure your cylinders not only stay in the preferred, upright position, but also remain separated from other adjacent tanks. Your personnel will be able to take inventory with efficiency and can safely access your gas cylinder inventory.

Features and Benefits

  • Safely store cylinders in an organized fashion
  • 1, 2 and 3 deep configurations
  • Custom racks are available

Horizontal Drum Storage Racks

Our horizontal drum racks help maximize storage space while maintaining a safe storage environment within your facility. This drum rack is designed to support your chemical drums with our durable construction, securing hazardous materials and reducing chemical hazards.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 2 drum, 1,600 lbs.
  • 3 drum, 2,400 lbs.

Built-In Rollers

Equipping your building with our gravity roller conveyor is an effective means of facilitating the chemical transportation process, allowing your personnel to safely access your chemical inventory.

The gravity roller conveyor organizes your chemical storage building, maximizing space and increasing productivity. Our rollers allow your team to move drums and other containers throughout the interior of your chemical storage building in an easy manner. Rollers are installed in sections that allow movement of these containers with floor grating installed to provide a safe path for personnel.

Shelving Options

Our chemical storage shelving systems offer increased organization, safety and security when storing valuable chemicals. Durable enough to withstand years of use, our line of shelves is constructed of extremely strong, high-quality steel. Options include galvanized spill containment shelving, stainless steel spill containment shelving, open mesh shelving and high capacity shelving. Most shelving options are adjustable in height.

Other Types Indoor Accessories

chemical storage fire suppression system

Fire Suppression

Our fully customizable and compliant fire suppression systems and accessories help save lives and costly materials in the event of an emergency.

Chemical storage unit flooring


Finding the right flooring for your chemical storage building is easy with the many U.S. Chemical Storage options. 

Gas detection sensors

Gas Sensors and Other Detection Systems

Improving employee safety means stopping problems before they even start. We offer a full line of gas sensors to do just that.

chemical storage partition walls

Partition Walls

Segregating chemicals with partition walls allows for the storage of multiple chemicals inside the same chemical storage building.