chemical storage unit with explosion panels

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Protection from Explosions

Chemical storage unit with explosion panels

Explosion Relief Panels

As a rule, a buildup of vapors from Class 1A and 1B Flammables brings the risk of an explosion. If the internal gas pressure of a building rises to 20 psf, the explosion relief panel quickly opens to release the heat and gas outside. Our panels help minimize risks of explosions and can be added to both fire-rated and non-fire-rated buildings. They are available in bottom or top hinged.

Types of Explosion Relief Panels

We provide panels (ERPs) for explosion (deflagrating) venting. The size of these panels and their release pressure are designed based on the dimension of the building, the International Fire Code, and FM 6049 Table C-1.

ERPs are available in an assortment of sizes. Additionally, “blast shafts” are available to direct deflagration relief events.

Features and Benefits

  • FM-Approved release fasteners
  • Extremely durable
  • Made in USA
  • ERPs are sized per the FM6049 standard
  • Blast shaft options available

Other Types of Outdoor Accessories

chemical storage unit with ramp

Access Ramps

Access ramps are available with all buildings to allow for convenience when loading or unloading chemicals.

chemical storage building doors

Chemical Storage Building Doors

Doors are the first line of defense when protecting your chemical assets and preventing accidents; we offer a variety of door systems.