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US Chemical places great emphasis on improving employee safety, many hazardous material accidents can be prevented by taking the proper precautionary steps. That’s why we offer a number of safety accessories and Gas Sensors to alert your personnel of potentially dangerous changes in air quality.

    Gas Sensors are very important when storing chemical inventory. US Chemical Storage offers various sensors for detecting various gases, fumes and air quality. Gas sensors are essential for keeping your chemical inventory maintained and keeping your personnel and operations safe.


    Gas sensors and monitoring systems are installed in chemical storage buildings to improve workplace safety in buildings that employees must often enter or stay in for extended periods of time by measuring oxygen levels. Gas sensors can also constantly test the air in a building for gas leaks of noxious, toxic, flammable or combustible gases and alert employees in the area.

    Explosion proof gas sensors are capable of detecting multiple gases including Chlorine Gas (CL2), Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Sensors for all types of chemicals are offered, including acids, hydrides, and combustibles. The gas sensors that U.S. Chemical Storage® installs on chemical storage buildings can easily be calibrated by one person to detect dozens of other gases and are fault tolerant to monitor for failed sensor cells and communication line breaks.

    Explosion proof gas sensors are built from epoxy-coated copper free aluminum or stainless steel and are explosion proof rated meaning that any explosion caused by sparking in the housing will be contained and will not cause a greater explosion.


    Explosion proof transmitters for gas sensors are how the information gathered from the sensor is delivered to the controller and display. The transmitter translates sensor information and transports it to the rest of your gas monitoring system.

    The explosion proof transmitter is designed to contain internal explosions caused by sparking or heat and keep the explosion from causing a greater explosion in the chemical storage building. It has been explosion rated and is safe to use with combustible and flammable chemicals.


    The Non-Explosion Proof Transmitter is designed for use in chemical storage buildings that are not storing flammable or combustible chemicals. You still get the same unparalleled protection, reporting, and communication that our explosion proof sensors offer. Unlike explosion proof transmitters, the non-explosive proof transmitter is not built to contain an internal explosion and has not been explosion rated.


    Our Sensor Displays produce a readable presentation of Sensor and Transmitter data measurements. Real-time reporting and warnings about air quality, internal fume concentrations, potential gas leaks, or oxygen levels are generated.

    The explosion proof display is designed to contain any internal explosion caused by sparking but also prevents a larger explosion from occurring inside your chemical storage building.


    Our optional Liquid Level Detection System consists of a classified detector installed close to a flat sump floor at the lowest edge. When approximately 1 ½” of liquid rises, the visual (amber) alarm strobe on the roof will be turned on signaling a spill. A second set of dry contacts in NEMA 4X enclosure may be used for remote monitoring.

    Float Type Liquid Detector shall have a brass weatherproof housing having within a lever mechanism with a polypropylene float bulb (stainless is an option) extending out from one end of housing. At the other end of the lever is a ceramic magnet, which moves next to the interior wall of the housing. On the other side of the interior wall housing is a magnetized SPDT snap switch. Detector is rated as follows:

    • Explosion-Proof; UL and CSA Listed
    • Class I, Groups A, B, C, & D
    • Class II, Groups E, F & G
    • Note -Group A is stainless steel only


    The optional Gas Detection System consists of a single Interior Explosion Proof Gas Sensor for Class I, Div. I, Group B, C and D. The Explosion Proof Gas Sensor will be installed near floor level for maximum detection. A NEMA 4X type box is mounted on exterior for housing the transmitter. “Air Check” and “Drager” models are also available. Multiple Detectors are optional and can be provided where needed and indicated by the customer.

    The “Drager” Explosion Proof Gas Detector is a hermetically sealed body. Toxic gases as well as oxygen, combustible gas and vapor detection options are available with “Drager” products. “Drager” offers IR and/or Catalytic bead sensors.

    The “Air Check” model offers detection of Ammonia, bromine, chlorine, fluorine, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrides, nitrogen dioxide, phosgene, methane, sulfur dioxide and other toxic and corrosive gases. The sensor is capable of monitoring over 50 gases providing a high level of worker protection and safety.

    Both “Air Check” and “Drager” devices contain high performance sensors, fast and accurate responses, one-man calibration, and 4-20 mA analog output.

    At the Customer’s direction, gas detector(s) are provided to control 24-7 continuous Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan #1 (mentioned in the Exhaust page), which will shut off at 60 percent LEL. The gas detector will operate backup Exhaust Fan#2 where applicable, which will assist at 25 percent LEL and will shut off at 65 percent LEL. Backup Exhaust Fan #2 will sound 120 V Alarm Horn on exterior of Building.

    Terminal Strips and NEMA 4X enclosure box may be provided as an option for dry connection for Customer remote monitoring. This Dual Ventilation System eliminates the need for explosion relief panels as required by AHJ meeting NFPA 69 code requirements. A 120VAC to 24 VAC power supply is required to operate Gas Detectors. 24DC coils are required for Gas Detector(s).

    Quality Control Team shall test the Gas Detection System on the factory floor. On Site tests are the responsibility of the Customer.

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