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Video Education & Information

The Process and Details Behind Top Chemical Storage Solutions

U.S. Chemical Storage is the industry leader in providing safe, code-compliant storage solutions for flammable liquids and other hazardous materials. With nearly 40 years of expertise across a wide variety of industries including chemical, biotechnology, energy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food and beverage, agrochemical, hospitals, and government/military organizations, we have refined our approach to helping others safely store and use their chemical and hazardous materials. Part of being an industry leader is not only developing reliable storage buildings and lockers but also sharing what we have learned along the way with you. Ready to learn more about how U.S. Chemical Storage can help you? Check out our videos and see our products in action.

Our Team

Behind every great chemical storage building is a team of experts who know the industry inside and out. At U.S. Chemical Storage, we are driven problem solvers who have proudly served industries across the United States. We are no stranger to tackling customized projects and specialized storage cabinets. From prefabricated storage buildings that get your business quickly up to compliance to specialized, customized solutions that transform your industry operations, we have been helping anyone from government to businesses for decades. When it comes to finding the perfect solution to needs that are critical to your industry’s workflow, our sales team has your back. Get to know your future business partners!

Design Tools

Chemical storage buildings come in so many shapes in sizes that it can be tough to visualize exactly what you need. That’s why we developed the Chemical Storage Design & Build Tool—a program that walks you through designing your own chemical storage building or locker from the ground up. Get a feel for what you will need for your industry before you even talk to a sales representative. Learn more about the design tool and see it in motion.
U.S. Chemical Storage Design & Build Tool


Not sure where to begin? We are here to help with informational videos on the most important aspects of chemical storage buildings. Discover what goes into designing a chemical storage building, from compliance to accessibility and customizable solutions. Learn how to determine if your company needs a chemical storage locker and why they are necessary. Your experts at U.S. Chemical storage tackle the topics you need to know when considering equipping your facility with flammable and chemical storage solutions. When it comes to compliance, the environment, and keeping both you and your facilities safe, knowing what you need, U.S. Chemical Storage is your guide.


Every industry demands a unique solution, and at U.S. Chemical Storage, we’re prepared to answer the challenge. Whether your operations demand fire-rated lockers or chemical storage solutions that are 100% customizable, we are equipped with the expertise and technology bring your facilities up to code. Learn more about our prefabricated and custom storage solutions with helpful videos explaining the ins-and-outs of each product below.

Chemical Types We Routinely Design For

Every chemical has specific Safety Data Sheet requirements that must be adhered to for safety and compliance. Here are just a few of the chemicals that we design solutions for every single day. What are you storing? How much are you storing? Where are you storing it in proximity to property or people? These are a few of the things to consider when reaching out to us about any of these chemicals.


Want to learn more about how U.S. Chemical Storage can help get your operations up to compliance with certified and tested chemical storage lockers and buildings? Contact us or call us at 800-233-1480 to get in touch with one of our expert Technical Sales Engineers today.