Electrical panel for chemical storage units

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Electrical Accessories to Keep You Powered On

Electrical accessories for chemical storage units
U.S. Chemical provides several electrical accessories to help safely manage and maintain a reliable power supply to your chemical storage building. Providing electricity to the devices and units you need to operate keeps the integrity of your hazardous compounds high and increases production capacity.

Factory Electrical Installation

During manufacturing, our experienced team installs electrical items and runs conduit. We ensure junction boxes, conduits and circuit breakers are properly sized by engineering, and wiring and breakers are per electrical schematic drawings based on NEC and manufacturers recommendations. All equipment boxes, electrical accessories, and electronic devices mounted on exterior of building are rated for outdoor use. Distribution panels are always labeled and any metal parts which may become energized are bonded.

Electrical Quality Assurance

The U.S. Chemical Storage quality assurance team performs visual inspections, dielectric strength, continuity, operational tests and polarity checks at the factory. The fault is repaired and retested if a test fails. After all tests are passed, information is documented, dated, and signed off. Images and inspection reports are kept on file. Any third-party inspections, when required, are performed by state approved agencies.

Types of Electrical Accessories

Interior Explosion Proof Outlet

When storing chemicals that give off flammable vapors, gases, or combustible dust particles, explosion proof outlets have several unique features to maximize safety while preventing explosions.

These outlets prevent explosions by separating the plug from hazardous fumes and gases before making a connection with the outlet. Its unique twisting feature locks and isolates the plug to create an airtight attachment between plug and outlet. This ensures that sparking will not occur when the outlet begins drawing electricity, regardless of any combustible or flammable compound present.

Features and Benefits

  • NEMA compliant
  • Available in single or two gang dead end assembly
  • Rated at 125 or 250 volts and 20 amperes

Exterior Non-Explosion Proof Outlet

Our non-explosion proof outlets provide a reliable, compliant solution when you need a power source on the exterior of your building. These exterior outlets can be non-explosion proof, even when the material being stored is flammable. A weatherproof shield covers the outlet to ensure the it is protected and will always perform, regardless of climate changes or precipitation.

Electrical Load Center with Transformer

U.S. Chemical Storage’s standard load centers create a centralized location for electric panels and breakers, providing protection for all load bearing circuits. All load centers can be connected to a microcontroller that will switch critical systems to emergency power in the event of a power outage.

All custom electrical accessories come pre-wired to the building’s main control panel. Standard load centers are UL-Listed, Single Phase, 3-Wire, 120/240 V 100 A Load Center (NEMA 30) with a circuit breaker. Rainproof and sleet/ice-resistant enclosures are intended for use outdoors. Explosion and non-explosion load centers are available.

Explosion Proof Load Centers

Use explosion proof load centers in locations that are hazardous due to flammable gases or vapors, combustible dust, easily ignitable fibers and debris. These circuit breakers protect appliances against over-current and short circuiting and have main ratings of 100 to 225 amps.

Non-Explosion Proof Load Centers

Use non-explosion proof load centers in chemical storage buildings that will not be used to store flammable, combustible, or ignitable chemicals. Outdoor and rainproof non-explosion proof load centers are available with main ratings between 60 to 225 amps and capable of housing up to 42 circuit breakers.

Emergency Electrical Shutdown

An optional break glass shutdown can be installed on an exterior wall of any chemical storage building for emergency shut down of all electrical equipment operating inside the building such as exhaust fans, fan driven A/C and heating systems and more.

Junction Box

U.S. Chemical Storage electrical junction boxes are mounted on the building’s exterior. Use to protect wiring from exposure to hazardous environments, as well as to prevent damage from tampering.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Explosion and non-explosion proof models available

Non-Explosion Proof Switches

Our non-explosion proof switches are used for situations where dust, grit, oil, grime, or moisture could otherwise impede the function of the switch or render it useless. Switch enclosures are particle and water tight, as well as corrosion resistant.

Features and Benefits

  • Available for alarms, circulating fans, pilot lights, and more
  • Made of stamped aluminum
  • UL Listed, CSA Approved

Wall Mount Telephone

Wall mount telephones are ideal for clean-room environments. Our wall mount telephone is protected with a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure for superior protection. The phone features a full keypad with push buttons for user compatibility, two auto-dial buttons, auto answer, and a smooth front panel. (Wiring to be completed by others.)

Other Types of Electrical Accessories

chemical storage lighting

Lighting the Way

Lighting is crucial to efficient, safe operations. We offer a wide variety of explosion and non-explosion proof lights.