Barrels of corrosive materials next to safe storage building for corrosive chemicals

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Corrosive Chemical Storage Buildings

Corrosive chemical storage buildings from U.S. Chemical Storage offer a safe, secure and protected storage environment for corrosives and other hazardous materials. Corrosive chemicals damage or destroy other substances through chemical reactions. Most corrosives are acids, bases or oxidizers. Caustics are extremely corrosive bases such as alkalis. At high concentrations, most corrosive substances can cause tissue damage such as chemical burns, blindness, permanent scarring and even death. Proper corrosive chemical storage and handling is essential to personnel safety. For additional safety features that may be required within corrosive chemical storage buildings, visit our Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations page. For Environmental Health and Safety suggestions on safe handling of corrosive materials, visit the Princeton University Environmental Health & Safety article “Corrosive Materials.”

Safe Storage of Corrosive Chemicals 

U.S. Chemical Storage buildings for caustics and corrosive chemical storage provide safe, secure storage options. Corrosive storage buildings are strong enough to endure violent weather changes outside while maintaining internal climate control across temperatures ranges. These corrosive storage units have countless applications and accessories that can be custom engineered to fit your specific needs.

Gravity air vents allow for 6 air changes each hour when an exhaust fan is applied. U.S. Chemical Storage buildings are chemical, weather, and UV resistant to ensure long-term protection of the valuable chemicals you’re storing.

Materials classified as acids and bases must be segregated for storage. Liquid corrosive should ideally be stored below eye level. The sump and any spill control materials should be readily available in case of an accident. Eye wash stations or showers can be a part of your storage building’s interior. U.S. Chemical storage can address all of these issues and concerns in the planning stages of your building.

All buildings are completely customizable and feature built-in secondary containment to protect the environment. Modular configurations are available for a larger storage footprint.

Features and Benefits 

  • 100% customizable
  • Durable steel construction
  • Available in 2-hour or 4-hour fire rated construction
  • Acrylic alkyd enamel with epoxy paint upgrade available
  • 15-year structural warranty
  • EPA compliant spill containment sump
  • Mixing and dispensing rooms available
  • Modular solutions available for larger footprints

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1. What size building do I need?

Building size is determined by the amount of hazardous material you are planning to store, the need for occupancy or inspection around these materials, and must take into consideration the most efficient way of moving these materials into and out of your chemical storage building.

2. What is a sump or secondary containment in reference to chemical storage buildings?

The definition of a “sump” is a pit or reservoir providing containment for spilled liquids. U.S. Chemical Storage offers leak-proof spill containment sumps in each standard model. All our sumps are tested for leaks for a 24-hour period prior to finishing. The sump is then covered by a steel or fiberglass floor grating and can even be equipped with a resistant plastic sump liner to protect against corrosive chemical accidental spills. The size of the sump is dictated by code based on the volume of liquid being stored within the building.