chemical storage fire suppression

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Fire Suppression

chemical storage fire suppression system
Building codes and other requirements often dictate that chemical storage buildings must have some sort of fire suppression system. To meet these requirements, we offer water sprinkler systems and dry chemical systems as standard options which can be installed by our personnel or a specialist at the location. These systems have audible and visual alarms and can be fitted with a variety of fire suppression accessories. The ability to quickly control chemical fires increases safety and peace of mind when storing hazardous materials. Another point of emphasis when extinguishing fires is minimizing inventory loss. Our effective and compliant fire suppression systems and accessories help save lives and costly materials in the event of an emergency.

Types of Chemical Storage Fire Suppression

Dry Chemical Storage Fire Suppression

U.S. Chemical offers automatic dry chemical fire suppression systems. These pre-engineered systems meet NFPA 17 and protect against A, B, and C type fire hazards.

The systems feature fusible links designed to melt at a specific temperature to release tension on the detection cable. This will cause the mechanical controls on the tank to release the agent through a distribution piping network located on the ceiling.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets NFPA 17
  • Protects against A, B, C type hazards
  • UL and ULC Listed
  • FM Approved
  • Multiple suppression tank sizes available

Water Sprinkler

Our premium fire suppression system features a reliable, UL Listed and FM approved water sprinkler head. U.S. Chemical Storage sprinklers release powerful amounts of water to quickly control and eliminate chemical fires.

Water sprinklers are designed to be installed on the ceiling of the building and are customizable with optional water flow sensors, alarms and shut down contacts.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 1,2,3,4, or 5 nozzle systems
  • UL Listed nozzle
  • FM approved nozzle

Fire Extinguisher

Equip your chemical storage or processing building with a fire extinguisher to provide your team with the best defense against fires. Mount the fire extinguisher on the wall within your storage building, to be on-hand in the event of a fire. All extinguishers come equipped with a mounting bracket for on-site installation and are rated for Class A, B, and C fires.

Available in the Following Sizes

  • Available in 5 lb.,10 lb., and 20 lb.

Other Types of Indoor Accessories

Chemical storage unit flooring


Finding the right flooring for your chemical storage building is easy with the many U.S. Chemical Storage options. 

Gas detection sensors

Gas Sensors and Other Detection Systems

Improving employee safety means stopping problems before they even start. We offer a full line of gas sensors to do just that.

chemical storage partition walls

Partition Walls

Segregating chemicals with partition walls allows for the storage of multiple chemicals inside the same chemical storage building.

Chemical storage building with racks

Racks and Shelves

Let U.S. Chemical Storage help you get organized with a full line of storage racks and shelves to keep your chemicals sorted.