Agricultural chemical storage by U.S. Chemical Storage.

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Agricultural Chemical Storage Building

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U.S. Chemical Storage engineers safe, secure agricultural chemical storage for turf maintenance and agricultural professionals. The TurfLoc™ and DrumLoc ™ series of chemical storage buildings are secondary containment solutions that can significantly reduce your risk of contaminating the environment or ground water surrounding your building.

Great for Fertilizer, Pesticides, and Herbicides

All of our non-fire-rated buildings are professionally manufactured of heavy gauge steel. Units are 100% customizable, include leak tested spill containment sumps, and come standard with a 15-year structural warranty. They are a perfect choice for storing fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, as well as other EPA regulated agricultural chemicals when fire-rated storage is not required.

U.S. Chemical Storage is committed to providing the strongest non-fire-rated chemical storage available to you.

A Better Way

At U.S. Chemical Storage, we understand the need for keeping your turf and agrichemicals close at hand. By utilizing our specialized agricultural chemical storage buildings your team can maintain efficiency. DrumLoc™ and TurfLoc™ buildings are suitable for the storage of:


Both liquid and granular fertilizers are popular to maintain turf in a good condition. Protect your valuable fertilizer by storing it in and agricultural chemical storage building with cool, dry conditions, away from other chemicals such as pesticides. Fertilizer chemicals pose a high risk to ground or surface water in case of a leak or spill. U.S. Chemical Storage provides EPA-compliant options for your fertilizer storage by utilizing our leak-proof sumps with optional sump liner.

Granular fertilizer is often supplied in 50 lb. bags and commonly used on golf courses in late autumn to strengthen the grass for winter, or during growing season prior to harvest on farms. Granular fertilizers are typically stored in large quantities.

Liquid fertilizers contain a combination of nutrient solutions that can separate into layers if stored for long periods of time. Mixing should occur in a well ventilated and controlled space like our TurfLoc™ or DrumLoc™ storage buildings with liquid-tight containment sumps to keep any spills within our 100% steel-welded and leak tested sump.


Herbicides are important products for landscaping and horticulture. Most herbicides are extremely toxic and must be stored with care. Depending on the type of herbicides and the average temperature variances, heated or air-conditioned herbicide storage buildings may be necessary when storing bulk amounts of herbicides onsite.

Protect herbicides by storing away from work areas in a compliant chemical storage building, elevating chemicals with a spill control pallet, accumulation center or shelving, and keeping it locked when not in use. Our built in spill containment satisfies the need to elevate chemical containers above ground level in the case of a spill.

Proper herbicide storage will increase the life of the chemicals and prevent any hazardous leaks or spills. All U.S. Chemical Storage buildings for herbicides include leak-tested secondary containment sumps that meet EPA regulations.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% customizable
  • Durable, welded steel construction ensures structural integrity
  • Acrylic alkyd enamel with an epoxy paint upgrade option available for UV and weathering protection
  • 15-year structural warranty
  • Racking and shelving accessible
  • EPA compliant, leak-tested spill containment sump
  • Multi-room units available

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1. Do I need a fire-rated building?

First consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to determine the type of chemical you’re storing and any storage requirements listed. There are two main classifications of buildings to consider: fire-rated and non-fire-rated steel buildings. There are three main questions you should answer before engineering or design can begin on your building: what is to be stored, how much of it is being stored, and where is the location it will be stored? You will also need to consult with your local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) or local code expert to determine your area’s specific storage building requirements. Our team at U.S. Chemical Storage has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to help analyze your storage needs, but the final approval is made by the local AHJ, so you will need to ultimately ask them about your requirements early in the planning process.

2. How do I comply with regulations?

Chemical storage buildings manufactured by U.S. Chemical Storage are designed to get your operation compliant. Contact one of our technical sales engineers to learn how we can find the best solution for your compliance needs. You will also want to learn more about specific chemical storage requirements in your specific area by contacting your local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) who could be a local fire marshal, a municipal code official, or a city environmental department.

3. How should my chemical storage building be designed?

Start by speaking with one of our experienced Technical Sales Engineers to learn about the needs of your application. They will want to know what type of chemicals you are storing? How much of it will you be storing? What proximity to other buildings, people, egress paths, or environmental features will it need to be? Do you require special spill containment? And from there they’ll ask any related questions that determine additional options; Material Handling – Climate Control – Ventilation – Occupancy – Lights – Sensors – Alarms – Door Styles – Eyewash Stations and other requirements are not uncommon. Answers to these questions will dictate the building’s fire rating construction as well as anything else you’ll need for proper code compliance.