specialized chemical storage buildings

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Specialized Storage Buildings

specialized storage buildings can be used to house chemicals and more

The experts at U.S. Chemical Storage knows that some storage requirements are unique. That’s why we offer storage solutions engineered to fit your specific needs. Our specialized storage buildings are 100% customizable and provide the same attention to detail and quality manufacturing processes our company has become known for.

Types of Specialized Storage Buildings

Gas Cylinder Storage Buildings

Improper storage of compressed gas cylinders can cause an unsafe work environment. Gas cylinder storage buildings are designed to safely store compressed gases, while increasing operational efficiencies for your manufacturing processes by keeping your compressed gases nearby or even inside your facility.

Choose from fire-rated or non-fire-rated construction to maintain and manage your compressed gas cylinders compliantly. Custom fit your gas cylinder storage container with our full line of parts and accessories, including, but not limited to explosion relief panels, cylinder racks, shelving, gas detectors, alarms, sensors, flooring options, forklift entry doors, roll-up doors, mechanical ventilation and more. Our gas cylinder storage buildings are perfect for welding operations as well as other cutting and brazing operations.

Hazardous Equipment Storage Buildings

Hazardous conditions and the potential for vandalism make storing and protecting hazardous equipment a necessity. U.S. Chemical Storage’s drop-over hazardous equipment storage buildings are 100% customizable and the most cost-effective option when your valuable equipment requires 24/7 security.

These prefabricated, floorless units are designed to be crane hoisted and lowered over an existing structure to dampen noise, secure existing equipment, and hide unsightly infrastructure components. Regardless of your goal or need, drop-over buildings are the most cost effective solution when there is a pre-existing structure that needs protection.

Small Container Storage Buildings

Two areas must be emphasized when storing chemicals in small containers: versatility and organization. Whether you need to store vials, buckets, boxes, or small crates, U.S. Chemical Storage small container storage buildings are perfect for your storage needs.

All our fully customizable small container storage systems help dramatically increase workplace safety and efficiency. Use our optional, versatile shelving to create physical separation between each chemical solution and organize bottles, flasks, vials and other small chemical containers. Other options include multi-compartment storage with solid walls or wire partitions to segregate incompatible materials or processes.

Multi-Compartment Storage Buildings

U.S. Chemical Storage provides multi-compartment hazardous material storage buildings to facilitate safe storage of incompatible materials within the same storage area. Multiple AC, refrigeration, freezer, and heating units can run simultaneously in different compartments in the building to maintain the environment of particular chemical demands. In addition to separate fire suppression and ventilation, our multi-compartment buildings can also feature separate containment sumps to ensure incompatible materials don’t mix from spills, leaks or hazardous accidents.

Additionally, the flexibility of our multi-compartment units allows for a mix of non-explosion proof and explosion proof environments.

All of our standard storage buildings can be FM Approved and come with an industry-leading 15-year structural warranty. Features include continuously-welded, leak-tested secondary spill containment sumps, static grounding rod and exterior lug for connection, galvanized grating, and acrylic alkyd coating inside and out.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard and custom models available
  • 100% customizable
  • Multiple accessories available
  • Alarms, gas sensors, climate control available
  • Non-fire rated or fire rated construction available
  • Static grounding rod and exterior lug for connection
  • EPA compliant spill containment and access
  • Leak-proof containment sump
  • 15-Year structural warranty

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1. Why is there a need for chemical storage buildings?

Chemical storage buildings are designed to store hazmat in safe, segregated, and secure areas, and to prevent or contain chemical fires or explosions, or to contain chemicals from leaking out into the environment in the event of a spill. The need is largely code-driven based on the chemical or materials being stored and the proximity to people, property, or the environment. A fire code inspector, an “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ), or Insurance Inspector could be any of the people that require the use of one of our buildings and will know the code requirements in your specific location.

2. How will location affect my building type?

Location of the building can be either inside another building or outside to fit your needs. Fire Separation, which is the amount of fire rating required between two occupancies, or the separation distance between those two occupancies, is determined by the type of chemical or hazard being stored, and distances between buildings, egress pathways, or environmental features. To determine the required fire separation, it is best to consult with your local code authority. Inside another building or within 10 feet of another building, you’ll be required to have a 4-hour fire rating. If your hazmat storage building is located at distances 30 feet or greater your building may not be required to have a fire rating at all.

3. How should my chemical storage building be designed?

Start by speaking with one of our experienced Technical Sales Engineers to learn about the needs of your application. They will want to know what type of chemicals you are storing? How much of it will you be storing? What proximity to other buildings, people, egress paths, or environmental features will it need to be? Do you require special spill containment? And from there they’ll ask any related questions that determine additional options; Material Handling – Climate Control – Ventilation – Occupancy – Lights – Sensors – Alarms – Door Styles – Eyewash Stations and other requirements are not uncommon. Answers to these questions will dictate the building’s fire rating construction as well as anything else you’ll need for proper code compliance.