A U.S. Chemical Storage lithium battery storage building.

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Lithium Ion Battery Storage Building

A drone that would need its battery housed in a U.S. Chemical Storage lithium battery storage building.
LED lighting, automobiles, and the increase of everyday electronic devices have caused the production and transport of lithium ion (li-ion) batteries to grow. Because lithium ion batteries can store large amounts of energy, fires and explosion risks are high. Special storage precautions protect workers and the environment. U.S. Chemical Storage manufactures prefabricated lithium battery storage buildings designed specifically for storing li-ion batteries.

Lithium Battery Storage and Safety

Lithium ion batteries are known to spontaneously ignite and pose fire hazards due to overheating from poor battery design, electrical shorting, overcharging, rapid discharge, or increased storage temperatures. Li-ion batteries contain lithium metal, which is highly combustible. Poor battery design, electrical shorting, overcharging, rapid discharge, or increased storage temperatures can all cause batteries to overheat. Several standard models are also available, including fire-rated single- and double-room buildings with charging stations. Li-ion battery storage buildings from U.S. Chemical Storage are custom-engineered to fit your quantity and arrangement needs. Some lithium battery storage buildings are designed with fiberglass grate flooring to protect against corrosion and temperature control units to protect lithium ion batteries from overheating or freezing. Fire-rated and non fire-rated construction is available, depending on the proximity of the storage to occupied buildings.

Optional Customizations for Li-ion Storage

  • Power outlets
  • LED lights
  • Workbench (for buildings with charging room)
  • Multi-tiered shelving
  • Chemical resistant paint

Many more options and safety accessories are available. As with any U.S. Chemical Storage product, our lithium-ion battery storage buildings come with an industry-leading 15-year structural warranty.

Need a larger than standard footprint? Modular configurations are available for all lithium ion storage buildings.

Military Lithium Battery Storage Applications

Used in equipment such as drones and UAVs, as well as vital communications equipment, lithium ion batteries play an important role in military operations. Improper storage poses a great risk to mission preparedness. U.S. Chemical Storage understands the mission critical needs of the military and has extensive industry experience providing li-ion storage solutions for their specific applications.

We supply custom single and multi-room lithium ion battery storage buildings. Other optional customizations include electrical outlets for charging stations, climate control, fire suppression, explosion proof interior and exterior lighting, egress doors with panic hardware, emergency push-button alarms and more.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% customizable
  • Steel construction for structural integrity
  • Acrylic alkyd enamel with epoxy paint upgrade available
  • 15-year structural warranty
  • EPA compliant spill containment sump
  • Multi-room units available to accommodate storage and charging
  • Modular solutions available for larger footprints

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1. What size building do I need?

Building size is determined by the amount of hazardous material you are planning to store, the need, if any, for working room around these materials, and must take into consideration the most efficient way of moving these materials into and out of your chemical storage building.

2. Why is there a need for chemical storage buildings?

Chemical storage buildings are designed to store hazmat in safe, segregated and secure areas, and to prevent chemicals from leaking out into the environment in case of a spill. The term secondary containment refers to the sump area in the bottom of the building. The sump is what differentiates the chemical storage building from other storage buildings. The sump is usually a 6-inch deep steel well that is designed to collect liquids through the steel grate flooring.

3. Do I need a fire-rated building?

There are two types of buildings to consider: fire-rated and non-fire rated steel buildings. First identify the materials to be stored and then group them by hazard. There are three steps to consider when deciding between a fire-rated and non-fire rated building. You must first determine what is to be stored and the quantity. Then you must decide where in relation to other buildings and property lines is the desired storage is to take place, and finally schedule a consult with the local authority having jurisdiction or local code expert to determine the storage building requirements. Our team at U.S. Chemical Storage has resources to help analyze your storage needs and building requirements but the final approval is made by the local authority having jurisdiction.