Exhaust Fan Options for Your Storage Building

Maintaining good airflow is important for safe chemical storage. A chemical storage exhaust fan will help remove harmful fumes, vapors, and dust within your chemical storage building. Our engineers can calculate the right fan for adequate airflow and ventilation within your chemical storage building. Be sure to communicate clearly with your U.S. Chemical Storage Technical Sales Engineer about the types of chemicals and volume you’ll be storing, as well as if the building needs to be an occupancy building for workers or not. This information can help narrow down the correct chemical storage exhaust fan options for your storage building.

Explosion Proof Exhaust Fans

An explosion proof exhaust fan system consists of an enclosed, explosion proof motor housed inside an exterior mounted enclosure for ventilation and fume removal. Explosion proof exhaust fans from U.S. Chemical Storage are completely enclosed for full explosion proof protection. They are designed to keep your chemical storage protected from harmful vapors and fumes. The interior exhaust vent is located within 12 inches of the floor for the extraction of heavier than air vapors. Exhaust fans are available in standard or high-capacity models. Your explosion proof exhaust fan system can be activated by a switch or can be wired for continuous operation  

Additional Ventilation Options

For more ventilation options, visit our Ventilation Options page.

Heating Options for Your Storage Building

When storing chemicals that require a constant temperature at or above 40°F, our buildings provide unmatched security and safety for workers and materials. Depending on your needs, we offer explosion proof and non-explosion proof chemical storage heating systems, including convection and forced air heaters. In addition to temperature-controlled buildings, U.S. Chemical Storage heating options offer a variety of accessories such as R30 insulation or higher, insulated personnel and roll-up doors. Completely customizable construction allows you to have a temperature-controlled hazmat chemical storage building that meets any chemical storage regulation.

Cooling Options for Your Storage Building

We offer a full range of air conditioner and refrigeration options for your chemical storage building. Including a cooling option within one of our buildings allows for optimum temperature control while storing your flammables, combustibles, or other hazardous materials safely. These temperature-controlled rooms save you time and money by using equipment that constantly maintains temperatures ranging from 60° to 70°F or colder. Our units help maintain the integrity of your expensive chemicals and hazardous materials over long periods of time.

We offer two types of air conditioners, each are available in regular and explosion-proof models:

  • A standard AC will keep the interior about 20°F below outside temperatures.
  • A higher capacity AC is available that can keep the interior as low as 65°F (+/- 5°F).
Refrigeration units are available for maintaining constant temperatures below 60°. If you have any questions about our cooling capabilities, feel free to Contact us using the easy question form at left.