Cooling system for chemical storage units

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Cooling Options for Your Storage Building

Cooling system for chemical storage containers
U.S. Chemical Storage air-conditioned chemical storage buildings allow for optimum temperature control while storing your flammables, combustibles or other hazardous materials safely. These temperature-controlled rooms save you time and money by constantly maintaining temperatures ranging from 60° to 70°F. Our units help maintain the integrity of costly hazardous materials over longer periods of time. We offer two types of air conditioners. A standard AC will keep the interior about 20°F below outside temperatures. A higher capacity AC is available that can keep the interior as low as 65°F (+/- 5°F). Refrigeration units are available for temperatures below 60°F.

Types of Cooling For Your Storage Building

Non-explosion Proof Air Conditioner

We supply two types of non-explosion proof air conditioners. Our non-explosion proof air conditioners/heat pumps are interior commercial wall-mounted window units with a built-in thermostat. Also available are Bard brand exterior, through-the-wall commercial air conditioner(s) in various electric voltage to meet your company’s electrical supply demands for the chemical storage building. A remote thermostat is available for these models.

These units are hermetically sealed. Circuit breaker, wire and ground sizes are based on manufacturer recommendations, NEC and AHJ. Voltage size and phase are based on your company’s physical site electrical supply available.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

We also supply an explosion proof air conditioner. This is an industrial wall mounted window unit air conditioner with a built-in thermostat.


Refrigerated chemical storage buildings are designed for chemicals that need to be stored between 35°F and 65°F and are available in both explosion proof and non-explosion proof classification. Explosion proof units have an evaporator/air handler conforming to NEC Class I, Division I or Division II requirements.

Other Types of Climate Control Accessories

chemical storage exhaust fan

Exhaust Fan Options for Your Storage Building

There are many exhaust fan options available to complete your U.S. Chemical Storage building customization.

A U.S. Chemical Storage chemical storage heating option.

Heating Options for Your Storage Building

U.S. Chemical Storage offers a wide variety of heating options for your chemical storage building.