Access Ramps

Access ramps are available with all U.S. Chemical Storage buildings to facilitate greater accessibility when loading or unloading chemicals. They have leveling feet and can be fitted with safety rails or raised edges, as well as non-slip surfaces. Adjustments in width and length can be made to allow larger containers to be loaded with ease. All ramps for U.S. Chemical storage buildings are highly durable and customizable to your needs. Ramps align directly to our buildings, allowing you to move items into your building quickly and easily with a hand cart or dolly.

Explosion Relief Panels

U.S. Chemical Storage explosion relief construction consists of blow out panels.

Protection from Explosions

As a rule, a buildup of vapors from Class 1A and 1B Flammables brings the risk of an explosion. If the internal gas pressure of a building rises to 20 psf, the explosion relief panel quickly opens to release the heat and gas outside. Available in bottom or top hinged, explosion relief panels can be added to both fire-rated and non-fire-rated buildings to help minimize risks of explosions.

Chemical Storage Building Doors

U.S. Chemical Storage offers a selection of chemical storage building doors that will provide compliance, safety, and optimum access to your stored hazardous materials. Swing doors and roll up doors are offered in a wide selection of sizes and construction types — both fire-rated and non-fire rated.