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Types of Chemical Storage Buildings

Fire rated chemical storage container
Chemical Storage Buildings

Storage buildings must conform to relevant code requirements, meet business needs and serve a practical and functional purpose for operations. US Chemical Storage provides standard and customized storage building designs that match your specific requirements.

Fire Rated Chemical Storage Buildings

Fire rated storage buildings are designed to meet UL fire rated construction requirements for the compliant storage of flammables, combustibles, and other hazardous materials.

Two-hour fire rated storage buildings are available in both uni-directional and bi-directional designs. They meet requirements for storage of flammable and combustible materials located within 10 to 30 feet of an occupied building or property line. Fire protection is provided by multiple layers of fire-resistant gypsum board encased in galvanneal steel sheets.

Four-hour fire rated storage buildings have the additional fire resistance provided by mineral wool insulation. These buildings meet requirements to be located inside or within 10 feet of an occupied building and are explosion proof.

Non-Fire Rated Chemical Storage Buildings

Non-fire rated storage buildings are used to store hazardous at locations 30 feet or greater from occupied buildings or property lines.

Built-in containment sumps form an integral part of the solution for non-fire rated storage buildings, ensuring any spill can be contained inside the building and will not contaminate the environment.

Sturdy construction provides security and protection from natural hazards like temperature extremes, high winds and even seismic activity.

Corrosion Resistant Chemical Storage Buildings

Corrosion resistant coatings can be applied to steel and is used in areas where there is a high risk of corrosion. Shelves are available in both galvanized and stainless steel. These shelves have a 2-inch lip to provide spill containment at this area of storage, in addition to the spill containment located within the building. Fiberglass floor grating is available, as well as HDPE spill containment liners, for resistance to corrosive hazardous materials stored within our buildings.


  • Fire suppression systems are used to automatically dispense a fire extinguishing material into the storage building immediately when a fire is detected. Dry chemical systems, CO2 systems, and water sprinklers are all available as an integrated solution with the storage unit. Alarms can also be activated and manual switches enable operators to activate release in emergency situations.
  • Emergency and standard lighting options are available for inside and outside the building and can be specified for explosion-proof applications.
  • Climate control is important for some chemicals so that the temperature inside the storage building does not go to extremes. High temperatures can be hazardous in terms of ignition of fumes and low temperatures can cause some chemicals to crystallize. Air conditioning units or refrigeration units keep temperatures down, while heating units can be used to keep temperatures up.
  • Doors of storage buildings can be chosen according to specific needs. Roll-open doors are convenient for loading and unloading of large containers such as pallets or IBC totes, while swing doors can be fitted with hold open devices and panic bars. Ramps can be fitted to entrances for easy access with drum dollies and carts.
  • Spill detection devices are located within a sump. Dangerous spills in explosion proof or non-explosion proof buildings are detected and reported for an appropriate safety response. They can set off local alarms or be connected to a site monitoring system.
  • Exhaust fans extract harmful vapors from storage buildings. These fans are available in explosion proof, non-explosion proof and corrosion resistant classifications.
  • Personal safety products like eyewash basins and safety showers can also be integrated with storage buildings to provide personnel with direct access to safety solutions.


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