Safe Paint Storage Requirements

In this article US Chemical Storage illustrates OSHA’s regulations for storing various types of paint and paint related products.

Is Paint Storage Flammable?

Paints are considered “flammable and combustible materials” according to the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), under the Flammable Liquids title.

Storing large volumes of paint storage can be extremely dangerous and avoiding proper storage requirements can result in fines and other penalties. Proper paint storage buildings can provide safety to personnel and facilities that handle, store, mix and dispense paints and other flammable liquids. See below for compliant paint storage regulations and requirements.

Safe Paint Storage Regulations

Paints or other flammable liquid storage that exceeds 60 gallons must be stored in a completely sealed paint storage building. Inside storage buildings must meet specific fire-ratings listed by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 251-1969).

Inside paint storage buildings, according to OSHA, must contain an automatic fire suppression system, a mechanical ventilation system that allows for six air changes per hour, controlled by a switch located outside of the door, and a clear aisle at least 3 feet wide.

Dispensing Flammable Liquids Inside a Safe Paint Storage Room

“An electric pilot light shall be installed adjacent to the switch if Category 1, 2, 3 flammable liquids are dispensed within the room” according to OSHA 1926.152(b)(4)(vi).

Safe Paint Storage Buildings by US Chemical Storage

Designed for storing large quantities of paint storage safely. Paint storage buildings by US Chemical Storage meet EPA, OSHA, NFPA regulations and FM or Warnock Hersey approvals to keep your paint inventory safe and compliant.


safe paint storage

Safe paint storage buildings feature a 15-year structural warranty, leak-proof secondary sump containment and a 2-part epoxy coating for protection against weathering elements.

Customize your paint storage building with racks, stainless steel shelving, mechanical ventilation, fire suppression systems, flooring options, explosion relief panels, electrical accessories and other explosion proof and non-explosion proof accessories with US Chemical Storage.

Constructed by our professional engineers and experienced, certified welders for maximum strength and dependability. Every paint storage building is tested before it leaves the factory for complete quality assurance. Our buildings are matched with our 15-year structural warranty, 2-part epoxy coating for UV and weathering protection, and a leak-proof secondary sump containment to create a long-lasting, dependable storage building for your inventory.

Compliantly store large quantities of paint storage with a customized paint storage building by US Chemical Storage.

Our Strength is Your Security.

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