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Chemical Reaction at Green Bay Facility

Mixed chemicals formed a chemical reaction at Carboline, a company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Employees at the plant noticed a chemical reaction and took proper precautions to contain the chemical reaction promptly. A spokesman from Carboline Co. stated that employees noticed a chemical reaction taking place so they placed the mixture of chemicals into six 55-gallon drum containers and promptly moved them outside. Moving the chemical mixture outside isolated the reaction from other chemicals that were being stored inside the facility. If workers failed to move the chemical reaction outside, there could have been a larger, hazardous situation at hand.

Proper Chemical Storage Includes Safety, Security and Compliance.

The drum containers that were moved outside were giving off visible fumes and employees were evacuated from the facility. Nearby homeowners were told to stay indoors, because of the fumes, until the situation was under control. Fire fighters extinguished the chemical reaction by dousing the drums with water.

Proper chemical storage includes segregating chemical groups in order to eliminate risk of a hazardous situation.

Hazmat teams and fire crews were on scene immediately.

The Green Bay School District stated that they paired with the Green Bay Metro Fire Department to ensure student safety of nearby Danz Elementary. Students remained inside facilities for recess.


Proper Chemical Storage Includes Chemical Management and Compliance

Managing chemical storage can vary from different chemicals, therefore it is necessary to understand the hazards of each chemical that is being stored, handled or mixed. When storing chemicals, proper labeling on each container can provide a safe and secure environment. Labeling each chemical will allow laboratory officials and hazmat officials to know what danger is present. Keeping chemicals in their original containers can offer increased safety for laboratory management. Store chemicals away from direct sunlight or heat. Warm or hot temperatures can create chemicals to have a reaction, and possible fire or explosion can occur. Make sure that chemicals are not stored near any equipment that can cause sparks, flames, static electricity or other sources of ignition. Chemical storage accessories are designed to make storing chemicals easier and provide for a safer environment. US Chemical Storage provides clients with a customized chemical storage solution that will offer your facility with full compliance.

proper chemical storage includes

Proper chemical storage includes safety, security, and compliance

US Chemical Storage offers a wide variety of customizable accessories that can provide compliance, safety and security when containing hazardous chemicals. Accessories including alarms, sensors, temperature controls, roll-up doors, non-slip flooring systems, sump containment, and more, offer a safe storage solution for hazardous materials. Proper chemical storage includes many different aspects and can be critical in order to keep people, investments and the environment safe and protected.

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