Lithium Battery Storage Buildings and Proper Maintenance Tips

Lithium Battery Storage & Storage Guidelines

Lithium batteries are efficient and environmentally friendly innovations that have benefited many industries around the globe. The innovate technology is growing and will soon take over the standard lead-acid batteries that have been used for decades. Applications that integrate lithium batteries include the medical industry, electronic operations, military equipment, large and small vehicle power, data centers, marine applications, airports, and universities.

Dangers of Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are known to spontaneously ignite and pose explosion hazards that are caused due to the batteries overheating. Lithium batteries contain lithium metal which is a highly combustible material. Overheating can be caused by the poor design of the battery, electrical shorting, overcharging, rapid discharge, or increased storage temperatures. When a lithium battery becomes overheated, thermal runaway is the process which occurs. Thermal runaway is a reaction internal to the battery, which causes temperature and pressure increase, causing the battery to ignite leading to combustion. Lithium batteries can store large amounts of energy, therefore fires and explosion hazards are high.

When storing large quantities of lithium batteries and their parts, hazardous risks increase exponentially. Lithium battery storage fires can result in large-scale fires that can cause facilities to catch on fire and put personnel at risk. The risks involved with large quantities of lithium battery storage must be assessed and managed properly.

lithium battery storage buildings

Lithium battery storage buildings by US Chemical Storage offer maximum safety and security for your inventory.

One of the most important requirements regarding lithium battery maintenance is safe storage, and handling. Manage hazardous risks by using a proper lithium battery storage building and the right accessories to maintain your inventory.

Managing Risks Associated with Lithium Battery Storage

Lithium battery storage buildings by US Chemical Storage offer compliant fire-rated or non-fire rated protection against fires or explosions. Lithium battery storage buildings are designed for complete protection and maximum security measures.

The lithium battery storage application by US Chemical Storage is fully customizable with a wide range of safety accessories to keep your lithium batteries and their parts maintained. Temperature controls can be added to these buildings to keep your lithium or lithium-ion storage 100% compliant. Manage your inventory with explosion relief panels, temperature controls, cooling systems, mechanical ventilation, shelving, racks and more with US Chemical Storage.

All lithium battery storage buildings are uniquely designed by professional engineers, experienced, certified welders and tested before leaving the factory for complete quality assurance. Built from heavy-gauge steel for superior strength and customized to meet your exact specifications. Meets EPA, OSHA, NFPA and FM approvals or Warnock Hersey standards.

Protect your lithium battery inventory with a lithium battery storage building by US Chemical Storage by calling one of our experienced sales engineers today.

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