Formalin Storage by US Chemical Storage offers 100% Compliance

Formalin Storage Guidelines

US Chemical storage offers a wide range of storage buildings to provide for many different chemical storage applications. Fish hatcheries use our flammable storage buildings when storing the hazardous chemical known as formalin to keep their operations running safely and compliantly. US Chemical Storage has completed thorough research on the toxic chemical, formalin, and how it should be properly stored in order to keep fish hatchery operations 100% compliant.

What is Formalin Storage?

formalin storage

Formalin storage guidelines by US Chemical Storage offer a safe and secure storage atmosphere.

Formalin is a colorless solution of formaldehyde in water used as a disinfectant or a preservative for biological specimens. One of the most popular uses of formalin is to control and prevent fish from being exposed to external protozoan parasites, when being raised in fish hatcheries. The toxic chemical prevents or reduces fungicide on eggs in fish hatcheries and is a critical resource for keeping fish populations healthy and plentiful.

Formalin is a Class 2 & 3A combustible liquid. It maintains an explosion and fire hazard when exposed to specific materials or increased temperatures. The toxic chemical has the ability of becoming reactive, especially when exposed to oxygen and/or heat. Formalin must be stored at a controlled room temperature between (15-30°C) with adequate ventilation. The combustible chemical must be stored away from incompatible materials inside a 100% sealed flammable storage building.

Formalin is very toxic either through direct contact or when inhaled through fumes.  Since formalin is a dangerous chemical it requires specific storage solutions. US Chemical Storage has researched the hazardous effects of formalin, its physical properties, health effects, and the proper handling and storage requirements in order to understand the hazards of the specific chemical. With our research, we have engineered the safest and most compliant storage solution, when housing formalin, to keep your personnel, the atmosphere, and the environment safe.

Formalin Storage Buildings and Compliant Formalin Storage Solutions

All of our flammable storage buildings meet EPA, OSHA and NFPA regulations and FM approvals or Warnock Hersey standards. These storage buildings are engineered from industry-leading, heavy-duty tubular steel construction to provide superior strength and a long life. Our solid steel foundation is unmatched by our competitors to provide the strongest and most secure flammable storage buildings on the market. All of our buildings are tested before leaving the factory to make sure they are completely sealed and fully operational for heavy duty use.

Our flammable storage buildings feature a secondary sump containment to provide protection in the event of a chemical spill or leak. We recommend spill and gas detectors for storing formalin as well as emergency eyewash and shower stations. We also recommend a mechanical ventilation system in order to keep your flammable storage building clear from combustible and noxious fumes. Explosion relief panels and fire suppression systems are recommended due to the explosive nature of this product. We offer temperature controls and temperature control sensors for keeping room temperature settings accurate with specific formalin temperature ranges.

The interior of our buildings can be designed to accommodate the layout that best fits your needs.  We offer containment shelving, racks, and custom platforms to make handling your chemicals as easy as possible.  Different options such as roll-up doors, single doors, or ramps can be chosen for ease of loading or unloading.

Keep your formalin storage maintained and fully compliant, while keeping your fish hatchery operations running efficiently with US Chemical Storage. Our Strength is Your Security.

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