How to Handle Chemical Spills in a Flammable Storage Laboratory

Plan Ahead For a Spill Response – Before a Flammable Storage Laboratory Hazardous Spill

flammable storage laboratory

Flammable Storage Laboratory by US Chemical Storage

Make sure everyone who is working in the laboratory knows the locations of fire extinguishers, manual pull stations, eyewash stations, shower stalls, telephones and alarms. Make sure authorized personnel know how to operate the fire extinguisher and the eye wash and emergency shower station.

Flammable Storage Laboratory Spill Classification

Large or dangerous spills are classified as spills that present any immediate danger – including fire, explosion, chemical exposure, and/or toxic fumes. Dangerous spills are also classified as any spill that contains highly dangerous chemicals, or moderately large-scale chemical spills.

Smaller spills can be very dangerous too. This all depends on how toxic the chemical is. Many smaller spills can be contained and cleaned up by lab personnel, without putting themselves or others in danger. Before cleaning a spill, make sure the chemical’s properties are not toxic, combustible, flammable or explosive.

For Large or Dangerous Spills Inside a Flammable Storage Laboratory:

Follow the emergency guide’s instructions for dealing with dangerous chemical spills.

  • Call emergency hazardous materials response team and the nearest fire station
  • Avoid breathing in toxic fumes or vapors.
  • Alert people in the surrounding areas, and all personnel inside the laboratory or facility.
  • If the spill involves flammable storage, liquid or solid, turn off all ignition sources, if possible to do so safely.
  • Evacuate the facility, closing all doors.
  • Keep people away from the spill area until emergency responders have arrived at the scene.

 Flammable Storage Laboratories to Contain Flammables and Combustibles

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