Fertilizer Storage Container Regulations

Obama Orders Federal Agencies to Review Plant Regulations

President Obama, ordered federal agencies to review their safety rules, regulations and requirements at their chemical facilities.  The President has ordered that federal agencies identify new, compliant methods of storing ammonia nitrate storage, the hazardous chemical which caused the West, Texas fertilizer plant blast. The massive West, Texas fertilizer blast has prompted a number of new regulations that will be implemented in the near future, regarding fertilizer storage container regulations.

The White House has currently ordered “an executive draft to increase regulations for the handling, mixing, and storing of the hazardous chemical ammonium nitrate”. The explosive chemical is very vulnerable and extremely toxic.

The chemical is widely used in fertilizer plants and if ignited, can cause risks to individuals living in surrounding areas. The West, Texas explosion is still being investigated, although the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has demonstrated that the standards used to regulate fertilizer chemicals are outdated and are much weaker than those of other countries.

Fertilizer Storage Container by U.S. Chemical Storage:

Fertilizer Chemical Storage

Fertilizer Storage Container by U.S. Chemical Storage

Fertilizer storage should be kept in a completely sealed, dry container.  A fertilizer or pesticide storage building should include a leak-proof, secondary sump containment, in the event of a chemical leak or spill (check with your state’s specific regulations on secondary containment sump regulations).  Fertilizer storage containers from U.S. Chemical Storage offer unmatched protection for full compliance and ultimate safety.  Keep your surroundings safe with a fully customizable fertilizer storage container.  U.S. Chemical Storage offers a wide variety of customizable accessories with our fully compliant fertilizer storage container.  Our accessories include, but are not limited to: fire-rated partition walls, explosion proof lighting, explosion proof mechanical ventilation, explosion proof electrical systems, and spill detection systems.

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