Flammable Liquid Storage

What Type of Flammable Material are you Storing?

Flammable and combustible liquids are both ranked by different classes,  pairing these volatile materials into separate groupings. Flash points, vapor levels, pressure and density all have a part in how each flammable material is ranked. Learn more about how to properly store flammables and how different classes are ranked, in the article below.

Flammable Limits (LFL & UFL)

If flammable vapors combined with the proper proportion of air become exposed to a source of ignition, combustion or an explosion can occur. The term proper proportion is commonly referred to as, flammable range or explosive range.

Flammable range defines all concentrations of flammable vapors or gases that are in the air that can cause a fire or explosion.

There is a Limit?

There are minimum concentrations of vapor in the air where a fire will not occur if a source of ignition is present, as well as maximum concentrations of vapor in the air. These two limits are coined, the lower and upper flammable limits (LFL and UFL).

LFL: The vapor concentration in the air for the lower flammable limit, is too “lean” to ignite or explode.

UFL: The concentration of vapor in the air, in the upper flammable limit, is too “rich” to ignite or explode.

Flammable Classes

Class IA: Liquids with flashpoints below 73F (22.8C) and boiling point below 100F (38C).

Class IB: Liquids with flashpoints below 73F (22.8C) and boiling points at or above 100F (38C).

Class IC: Liquids with flashpoints at or above 73F (22.8C), but less than 100F (38C).

Class II: Liquids that have flashpoints at or above 100F (38C), but less than 140F (93C).

ClassIIIA: Liquids that have flashpoints at or above 140F (60C), but less than 200F (93C).

Flammable Storage Locker Advantages

Flammable liquid storage lockers are constructed from heavy-gauge steel by professional engineers and experienced, certified welders. These lockers offer superior protection and unmatched strength to keep inventory and personnel safe. Designed to store highly flammables such as Class I, II, or III liquids compliantly. US Chemical Storage flammable liquid storage lockers are designed with 2- or 4-hour fire-ratings, depending on storage needs and chemical applications.

2-hour fire-rated FIREloc chemical storage lockers are designed to store flammable materials 10 – 30 feet away from occupied facilities and/or property lines. This close proximity offers an increase to operational efficiency.  Flammable storage lockers can be customized with a wide variety of safety accessories including mechanical ventilation, vapor detection, shelving, racks, lighting and more.

4-hour fire-rated SUPERloc chemical storage lockers protect workers and inventory with a bidirectional fire-rated construction for the ability to safely store your flammable liquids or other hazardous materials inside your occupied facility. 4-hour fire-rated lockers feature a leak-proof secondary containment sump for containing chemical spills, leaks or hazardous accidents.  Available with explosion relief panels, alarm systems, liquid level sensors, explosion proof accessories, mechanical ventilation and more.

US Chemical Storage flammable storage lockers meet EPA, OSHA, NFPA regulations and FM approval or Warnock Hersey standards.

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