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Hazmat Storage Container Guide From U.S. Chemical Storage

Hazmat storage container
Hazmat storage container by US Chemical Storage onsite for installation procedure.
Nearly every industrial workplace uses flammable liquids. The complications associated with hazardous material liquids can be substantial. Using a hazardous storage container or hazmat storage building will help prevent fires when storing, handling and transferring. All workplaces need emergency plans prior to the storage of flammables or other hazardous materials.

Consider these factors when choosing a hazmat storage container from US Chemical Storage.

Fire Separation Distances – Hazardous Storage Container Proximity

The type of hazmat storage container selected will determine the appropriate proximity to occupied facilities and property lines. The International Building Code specifies minimum distances, illustrated below. hazmat-storage-container-storage-guide

Amount of Inventory

Knowing how much inventory must be stored in your hazmat storage container is important. It provides specifics to understand the measurements for a concrete foundation and distances from property lines and/or occupied structures. Other factors to consider:
  • Do your chemical storage demands consist of storing small containers including buckets, bags, or small bottles?
  • Are you storing totes? If so what size?
  • Are you storing chemical drums? Are they stored on pallets or individually?
  • What is the maximum amount of inventory you plan to store?

Hazardous Material Handling Requirements

When storing or removing chemical storage from a hazmat storage container what type of equipment is being used?
  • Forklift
  • Drum dolly
  • Hand truck
  • Extended forklift
  • Physical labor
Some regions of the country are very hot. A cooling system may be required for a chemical storage building to be in full compliance. Colder regions may require a heating system.

Hazmat Storage Container Accessories

U.S. Chemical Storage provides a range of accessories for our chemical storage buildings to meet safety and compliance requirements when storing hazardous materials. Along with creating an efficient chemical storage atmosphere, accessories may help increase safety for workers.

Contact U.S. Chemical Storage for Hazmat Storage Containers

No matter what the application or the chemicals, we are the experts in providing safe, dependable hazardous material storage buildings. Contact us to learn more about compliant hazmat storage containers or for a complimentary quote.

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