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Choosing a type of Flooring that is right for your chemical inventory is crucial. That is why U.S. Chemical Storage offers a wide variety of Flooring options to fit your needs.

U.S. Chemical Storage® offers a wide variety of Flooring options for storage buildings. Flooring types depend on what type of chemical inventory that is being stored, how often the inventory is moved and the type of storing devices that are being used.

Flooring choices include Fiberglass Floor Grating, T-Bar Flooring, Galvanized Steel Grating as well as Gravity Roller Flooring. Make sure your flooring options fit your chemical storage needs.



    Square Molded Fiberglass Floor Grating is a type of chemical resistant flooring for industrial and mechanical use. Our Square Molded Fiberglass Floor Grating will give you the optimal security that you deserve for your chemical storage needs. Lightweight, high impact-resistant and slip resistant in a wide variety of surface conditions makes this flooring very versatile. The Square Molded Fiberglass Floor Grating is available in a wide variety of sizes. Standard Thicknesses are anywhere from 1” thick to 2” thick. Our Square Molded Fiberglass Floor Grating is 100% fully customizable to meet your specific needs.


    Our T-Bar Fiberglass Grating is a non-slip gritted top surface that is constructed for ease of cleaning and drainage. The T-Bar Fiberglass Grating is constructed with a wide bar that provides a solid walking area. Furthermore, the T-Bar Fiberglass Grating is resistant to weathering and chemicals to perform in the toughest situations.


    Forklift Rated Flooring is a custom design that allows you to drive a forklift up a ramp and onto the flooring in your Chemical Storage building. Our Forklift Rated Flooring is extremely strong and is one of the strongest most durable flooring systems in the industry. The ability to drive your forklift into your Chemical Storage building will allow you to increase your production and enhance efficiency and organization.


    Stainless Steel Flooring is our standard custom flooring option that is extremely durable and efficient. Our Stainless Steel Flooring gives you the ability to catch hazardous chemical leakage with our secondary containment sump. Stainless Steel Flooring offers you the ability and control that you need over your inventory storage. Stainless Steel Flooring is 100% Fully Customizable to fit your specific needs.


    Diamond Plated Flooring is welded for secure containment of hazardous chemical leaks. Our Diamond Plated Flooring is made from extremely strong and durable material. The advantages of using Diamond Plate Flooring includes the ability to hold more weight and if you are using a palate jack it is easy to move or slide inventory around. Our Diamond Plated Flooring is also 100% Fully Customizable. You can be sure that your inventory storage will be kept secure. Our Diamond Plated Flooring is also customizable to Forklift Rated Flooring.


    Gravity Roller Flooring increases efficiency and makes the job easier. Our Gravity Roller Flooring gives you the ability to slide pallets in your Chemical Storage building with little to no effort. Our smooth Rollers will allow you to work with ease and satisfaction. The Conveyor-type rollers are custom to each individual depending on what your storage needs are. Gravity Roller Flooring is 100% Customizable and is also customized for heavy duty or light duty purposes.

    3/16" Diamond Plate Floor

    The diamond plate design flooring is one of our strongest chemical storage building floorings available. This flooring is easy to clean and helps provide a durable non-slip flooring surface. Aesthetically appealing with superior strength, the diamond plate flooring is very dependable and is constructed of 3/16" thick diamond plate. For heavy-duty industrial use, our diamond plate flooring will give you the added protection needed in your chemical storage building; stain resistant and tougher and more durable than other flooring. Will not chip, peel or crack – our tough 3/16” diamond plate floor gives you the added protection you need when storing chemical inventory. Rust-resistant, and corrosion resistant, our aluminum construction diamond plate flooring offers ultimate protection for your chemical storage solutions.

    3/16" Smooth Plate Floor

    One of the most popular and economical flooring options is the smooth stainless steel plate floor. With corrosion resistance to many chemical corrodents you can be sure the smooth plate floor will withstand your chemical inventory. Extremely durable for industrial use and marine environments. Very strong and dependable. The 3/16" Smooth Plate floor will give your chemical storage building the heavy-duty flooring option at an economical price.

    Custom Flooring

    With our custom flooring option, you can make it easier to clean inside angles and edges. Offering our Homogenous Seamed Flooring Color titled “Mipolam Symbioz” makes your chemical storage building look great with the same durability and consistent strength. With the same durability and consistent strength our Custom Flooring option will give you industrial strength for your chemical storage needs. U.S. Chemical Storage provides you with 100% customizability to tailor your chemical storage building to your exact specifications.

    Fiberglass Floor Grating

    Fiberglass Floor Grating is completely fabricated from fiberglass grating and built to comply with factory hazardous spill containment requirements. Fiberglass grate flooring will ensure that any hazardous material spill will be safely contained in a sump below the grated floor. This flooring will also direct any outside materials that are tracked inside to fall to the below sump for safety precautions. The Square Molded Fiberglass Floor Grating is made with Fire-Retardant Isophalic Polyester Resin for maximum reliability and protection. Corrosion and Ultraviolet (UV) Resistant for extreme durability. The Square molded Fiberglass Floor Grating system provides 69% Open Area for Ease of Flow Spills into Sump.

    Fiberglass Floor Grating T-Bar Type

    Pultruded T-bar fiberglass flooring from US Chemical is a floor grating option made with fire-retardant vinylester resin and is corrosion and ultraviolet (UV) resistant. This secondary flooring option is the maximum stiffness when it comes to floor grating for chemical buildings. Pultruded T-bar grating is impact resistant and comes as a non-conductive option for your hazardous chemical storage needs. With a height of 1-1/2", allowing for 38% Open Area for Ease of Flow Spills into Sump, if a chemical spill were to occur.

    Forklift Rated Floor 4' deep

    Our extremely strong Forklift Rated Floor allows access via forklift into your chemical storage building. Forklift access allows your operations to move faster and increase your productivity. The Forklift Rated Floor has a capacity of 12,000 pounds for heavy forklift operations. Coated with chemical resistant primer and HIGRIP topcoat for ultimate protection from chemical interaction and provides maximum durability. Featuring 3/16” diamond plate installed in removable sections.

    Stainless Steel Diamond Plate on top of grating

    Our Stainless Steel Diamond Plate gives you ultimate support. The Diamond Plating is mounted on top of the grating and installed in removable sections. Providing extra support the Diamond Plating is one of our strongest chemical storage building flooring available. The non-slip flooring provides a corrosion resistant construction and is very durable. For extra support and easy assembly, the Stainless Steel Diamond Plate is mounted on top of the grating. Keep your chemical storage building safe and maintained with a stainless steel diamond plate, non-slip, grating.

    Steel Floor Grating 1-1/4" x 1/4"

    Our heavy-duty steel floor grating has dimensions of 1-1/4" x 1/4". The steel floor grating is designed to allow chemical leaks or spills to easily fall between the grate into the leak-proof secondary sump containment. Keep your chemical storage container maintained with a steel floor grating from U.S. Chemical Storage. Made from strong material, you can be sure that the steel floor grating will give you the dependability needed for your chemical storage. Corrosive resistant for chemical storage applications.

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