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The Expectations of Working With U.S. Chemical Storage

overhead view of two men and a woman seated around a table discussing chemical storage building plans, standards
After determining that your organization can benefit from a chemical and hazardous materials storage solution, you are now faced with creating and implementing a plan of action. But where do you begin, and who do you talk to? U.S. Chemical Storage has been a trusted source of industry expertise since 1982. Our team is equipped with the expertise to help you evaluate your risks and determine the appropriate actions to bring your operations up to compliance with custom chemical storage solutions. We’ve helped hundreds of clients optimize their operations and we are ready to work with you! How does U.S. Chemical Storage innovate the process of purchasing a specialized storage building? Get to know a bit more about working with us.

How Our Process Worksoverhead view of two men and a woman seated around a table discussing chemical storage building plans, standards

Determine Your Chemical Storage Needs

To ensure that you are choosing the appropriate storage solution for your facility, you need to recognize the required safety and regulatory guidelines for your materials storage. To begin, utilize our 5 Steps for Choosing a Proper Chemical Storage Building to determine what your specific needs will be. Once you have a clearer idea of your specifications, a USCS technical sales representative can begin to work with you to bring your project to life. If you need assistance in this early stage, USCS can help walk you through this process using your Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Overview of Your Project Timeline

  • Access your SDS to understand your unique chemical storage needs.
  • Request a quote using our simple online tool.
  • Once your quote is received, a USCS technical sales representative will contact you by the phone number or email provided by you to begin working on your quote using our decades of experience and expertise.
  • After you receive our quote, you may review it with your team to address engineering renderings, pricing, and to make any changes or additional requests.
  • We make your changes, update our quote, and then you sign off for final approval.
  • Next, a deposit is made, timing is agreed upon by all parties and your project is put on our schedule and production begins.
  • Throughout the process, USCS will update your team with photos of your building so may begin prepping your concrete pad at your facility.
  • We will coordinate freight to the job site as you coordinate the off-loading and on-site installation on location.
  • Finally, once your storage building is installed, you initiate the required power hookups and get your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) approval, and you’re ready to go.

What To Expect When You Work with USCS

Personal Sales Expertise

We’ve helped a variety of industries across the United States bring their operations up to compliance with our collaborative problem-solving and subject-area expertise. Distilleries, fish and wildlife, food and beverage, university research, waste management, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, medical applications—you name it, we’ve worked on it. Yes, we’re experts in the engineering and design of chemical storage buildings, but we also understand the needs of our clients to find unique storage solutions. When you require code-compliant storage for your facility, you need a team that understands every step of the process and how to collaborate with you and outside services to get the job done. Is this your first time searching for chemical storage solutions? Check out some frequently asked questions about chemical storage buildings.

Ensuring Compliance

Our expertise in the nuances of the engineering and designing chemical storage buildings gives us the knowledge of why and how each component is critical to the regulatory process. We are well-versed in the regulations put forth by organizations like the EPA and OSHA and are prepared to help our customers navigate these codes. Regardless of the industry you serve, we are equipped to get your operations up to compliance and answer any questions you have about why certain aspects of your building are necessary.


One of the biggest differences you will encounter when you choose to work with USCS is the quality and depth of communication at every stage of your project. Traditional construction for chemical and hazmat storage often leads to several points of frustration. Coordinating a variety of trades, investigating all the required safety features, procuring the proper state approvals, not to mention building material delays can all lead to a building that is more time-consuming and expensive in the long run. U.S. Chemical Storage oversees every component, from design and compliance to the logistics of getting your new building to your facility. If there are any questions along the way, you can always reach out to us and receive clear feedback and clarification. If adjustments need to be made to your configuration, talk with USCS about how we can potentially address changes within your project’s timeframe. Throughout the process, USCS will provide photos of your building through various phases of construction so you can see the progress and keep your team updated. How have we helped facilities get up and running in the past? Take a closer look at our work with Iron Vault Distillery & Ethanol Storage Solutions.

Our Role in the Installation Process

Our team is equipped to consult on, design, and build your chemical storage solution. However, in most cases, U.S. Chemical Storage does not assist with the final on-site installation process, which can include:
  • Pouring foundations or concrete pads
  • Removing old/existing buildings
  • Hooking up facilities
  • Arming fire-suppression systems
  • Craning services
However, USCS will happily assist with some very important pre-installation prep work such as transportation coordination. Our team can help arrange to get your chemical or hazardous storage building where it needs to be. We have made thousands upon thousands of chemical storage buildings, so we can use that experience to help the process go smoothly for you. If you require services outside of our reach, we will do whatever we can to help you locate and coordinate with the appropriate company to ensure you have the proper setup and that your building is well taken care of, so your installation goes off without a hitch. We have learned over the years, that communication is key to a smooth project.

Work with U.S. Chemical Storage

Ready to get started with optimizing your facility for chemical and/or hazardous materials storage? Now that you’re familiar with our process, let us know more about your project. U.S. Chemical Storage will gladly design a building specific to your chemical storage needs. Keep in mind, we also can rent you a stock building to house your materials in the interim while we build your custom storage solution. To learn more, get a free quote today or contact us to speak with a USCS expert.

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