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University of Arkansas

Doctor mixing chemicals together that will need to be stored safely

Case Study for University Chemical Storage

The Problem To Be Solved on Campus

The University of Arkansas is a large public research university in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their science centers and institutes were established with collaboration in mind to allow research to thrive. The University Office of Facilities Management realized the importance of relocating a majority of lab chemicals to a central location on campus. The ideal location was conveniently placed central to all necessary departments while creating a single point for deliveries and pick up of chemicals or hazardous waste. In this case study for the University Chemical Storage, we show how consolidation would also allow for easier inventory control and monitored access.

The Solution for the University Chemical Storage Needs

U.S. Chemical Storage proposed a threefold solution: two ChemLoc® buildings – one with two rooms and one with three. Each room was customized for the different classifications of chemicals to be stored inside. For instance, the “corrosion” room featured fiberglass flooring instead of galvanized steel. One room featured a refrigeration unit for chemicals requiring a specific temperature point.

A third building was designed as a 4-hour fire-rated SuperLoc® specifically for flammable and combustible materials storage. One of the three rooms in this building featured several gas cylinder racks and detection sensors.

Multi-Room Storage Buildings for Case Study University

Advantages of The 3 Chemical Storage Buildings

Since the three buildings were on a continuously growing campus, the ability to move these buildings if necessary in the future was an additional advantage. In the end, three prefabricated buildings achieved flexibility that would not have been possible with traditional site-built construction.

“We specialize in specialization” is one of our sayings at U.S. Chemical Storage. We excel at designing complex projects every day. It is what earns us high marks with our clients. Read other case studies or contact one of our experienced engineers today to learn more about our industry-leading chemical storage buildings.

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