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Our customizable shelving systems are constructed to store your chemical storage. Durable construction and designed for chemical storage applications. No matter the volume of chemicals being stored, U.S. Chemical Storage can customize our shelving systems to tailor to your specific

    Steel Storage Racks

    Organize your chemical storage safely with a fully customizable shelving system from U.S. Chemical Storage. Offering a durable and safe way to store your chemicals. 100% customizable to store any amount of chemical storage needed.

    Steel Storage Shelves can be designed for installation to interior walls by a unistrut system with fastened twist nuts. Fasten shelves to brackets with provided bolts. Where applicable, sump shelving shall be 16 inch min., having a 2” lip at front and exposed sides. Adjustable height ranges from 2ft from floor to 6ft above the floor.

    Stainless Steel Sump Shelving

    Chemical storage shelving should be durable enough to withstand years of use, and strong enough to support and effectively secure your chemical inventory, creating a safe storage area for your hazardous materials. When it comes to chemical storage shelving, our Stainless Steel Sump Shelving gives you the advantages of an adjustable 16-inch leak-proof stainless steel design, formed and welded from heavy gauge steel with a 2-inch lip around the entire shelf for superior chemical leak containment.

    Our stainless steel construction is the industry’s most durable, promising years of reliable use while containing leaks and preventing hazardous chemical reactions. Start storing your chemical inventory with the dependable, sturdy construction of our Stainless Steel Sump Shelving.

    Adjustable Shelving

    When storing your hazardous materials, you may need chemical storage shelving to facilitate the storage process. Chemical storage shelving is designed to help you maintain your chemicals while allowing safe, easy access to your chemical inventory. Our Adjustable Shelving is 16 inches wide, effectively supporting your chemicals and providing a strong, durable surface on which to stow your hazardous materials. At U.S. Chemical storage, our goal is to help you safely and efficiently store your chemical inventory, and our Adjustable Shelving brings with it the advantages of the sturdiest, most dependable chemical storage shelving in the industry. Protect your chemical inventory by storing it with our durable steel Adjustable Shelving. The shelving lengths are approximate and the total price is calculated from the quantity of linear feet quoted.

    Sump Shelving

    As far as chemical shelving goes, you need the toughest, the most durable in the industry. Our Sump Shelving is adjustable, 16 inches of leak-proof strength, welded from heavy gauge steel with a 2-inch lip around the entire shelf. The benefit of Sump Shelving, besides the unmatched strength and years of reliable support, is that this chemical shelving is designed to prevent the escape of smaller chemical leaks and spills, to contain the leaks until you’re able to detect and safely dispose of leaked materials. Sump Shelving provides you the security of our unequaled construction while effectively supporting your chemical inventory, preventing leaks from causing dangerous chemical reactions. For unmatched reliability and unbeatable strength, our Sump Shelving is a great way to store your hazardous materials.

    Sump Shelving 24"

    This Sump Shelving is 24 inches wide, engineered with a leak-proof design for reliable containment of chemical leaks. Our chemical storage shelving is formed and welded from heavy gauge steel with a 2-inch lip around the entire shelf, and is adjustable for your unique chemical storage needs. Our Sump Shelving is built for superior reliability in chemical storage, effectively supporting your chemical inventory with unmatched strength. The leak-proof design reduces the risk of dangerous chemical reactions while allowing for safe, efficient access to chemical inventory. Our chemical storage shelving is designed to facilitate the chemical storage process while providing unequaled support to your chemical containers through superior engineering and unmatched safety standards. Start storing your chemical inventory with the strength of our leak-proof steel Sump Shelving.

    Sump Shelving 36" Fixed

    Chemical shelving should deliver unbeatable strength and support for chemical containers for the highest degree of protection. This Sump Shelving is 36 inches wide, formed and welded from heavy gauge steel with a 2-inch lip around the entire shelf, leak-proof, so this Sump Shelving is the most effective in leak containment. This Sump Shelving is fixed with 5 tiers, each 25 feet long, making a total of 125 feet of shelving for your chemical inventory. Our Sump Shelving delivers unmatched support for your chemicals, effectively reducing chemical hazards while facilitating the chemical storage process. Our Sump Shelving is designed for the highest protection while making your chemical storage process safe and efficient. Store your chemical inventory on our 36-inch, leak-proof, steel Sump Shelving for the most reliable chemical storage shelving in the industry.


    • Strong Steel Construction
    • Durable Design
    • Designed for chemical storage applications
    • Easy Storage Application
    • 100% Customizable
    • Unmatched Strength