Gas detection sensors

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Gas Sensors and Detection Systems

Gas detection sensors
U.S. Chemical Storage places a great emphasis on improving employee safety. Through our experience, we understand that many accidents involving hazardous material can be prevented by taking the proper precautionary steps. We offer multiple sensor and detection accessories to alert your team of potentially dangerous changes in air quality or hazardous spills.

Types of Gas Sensors and Detection Systems

Explosion Proof Gas Sensor

Explosion proof gas sensors can detect multiple gases, including chlorine, hydrochloric acid, and carbon dioxide. Sensors are also available for acids, hydrides, and combustibles.

Built from epoxy-coated copper free aluminum or stainless steel, our gas sensors are rated explosion proof. Because they are intrinsically safe, they do not produce sparks or other hazardous sources of ignition.

Explosion Proof Gas Sensor Display

The explosion proof gas sensor display produces a readable, graphic representation of sensor and transmitter data measurements. Real-time reporting and warnings about air quality, internal fume concentrations, potential gas leaks, or oxygen levels are generated and displayed. This explosion proof display is designed to contain any internal explosion caused by sparking, but also prevents a larger explosion from occurring inside your chemical storage building.

Liquid Level Detection System

The liquid level detection system is a critical component of monitoring your chemical inventory. It consists of a classified detector located near the bottom of the flat spill containment sump. When liquid rises, the visual alarm strobe on the roof signals a spill. Both explosion proof and non-explosion proof options are available.

Other Types of Indoor Accessories

chemical storage fire suppression system

Fire Suppression

Our fully customizable and compliant fire suppression systems and accessories help save lives and costly materials in the event of an emergency.

Chemical storage unit flooring


Finding the right flooring for your chemical storage building is easy with the many U.S. Chemical Storage options. 

chemical storage partition walls

Partition Walls

Segregating chemicals with partition walls allows for the storage of multiple chemicals inside the same chemical storage building.

Chemical storage building with racks

Racks and Shelves

Let U.S. Chemical Storage help you get organized with a full line of storage racks and shelves to keep your chemicals sorted.