Is each sized unit always available?

No. Our stock of ready-to-ship chemical storage buildings rotates periodically. However, you can browse our current ready-to-ship inventory any time online or by contacting a sales engineer to discuss your options.

Do you offer used ready-to-ship buildings?

Depending on our available stock, we can offer refurbished ready-to-ship chemical storage buildings. To inquire about used inventory, please contact a sales engineer.

Can I rent a ready-to-ship building?

Yes. If you are searching for a quick solution to your chemical storage needs, we offer rental buildings, generally for a minimum contract of six months, with options for both short- and long-term renewable contracts. This can be an excellent option for temporary hazardous material storage while a custom building is being manufactured for you, or if an immediate need for chemical storage compliance has arisen.

Will a ready-to-ship chemical storage building comply with regulations?

Chemical storage buildings manufactured by U.S. Chemical Storage are designed to ensure your operation is compliant. We offer many C1D2 FM-approved units as well as C1D1 models with explosive panels. All our buildings are EPA, OSHA and NFPA compliant. All secondary containment sumps are properly sized for regulations and leak tested prior to shipping. For help finding the best solution for your chemical storage needs, contact one of our sales engineers. For questions regarding local building codes, please contact your local authority.

What size chemical storage building do I need?

Building size is determined by the amount of hazardous material you are planning to store. Additionally, how you want to load and unload materials from your ready-to-ship chemical storage building is another important consideration and can help optimize your workplace efficiency. Have additional questions about how to decide on the right chemical storage building? Check our helpful guide to choosing the proper building for your chemical storage needs.

What can I store in a ready-to-ship chemical storage building?

Our ready-to-ship chemical storage buildings are suitable for storing chemicals according to National Electric Code® standards. Proper storage of is determined by what chemicals you are storing, how much of the chemical you are storing, and the proximity of the storage building in proximity to people or property. For help determining which building is right for you, contact one of our chemical storage experts.

What is the purpose of a ready-to-ship chemical storage building?

U.S. Chemical Storage’s ready-to-ship chemical storage buildings suit many hazardous and flammable chemical storage needs with the proper compliance. Our buildings are built to standard and are EPA, OSHA, and NFPA compliant. Ready-to-ship buildings provide a quality solution that favors functionality and convenience, with commonly requested compliant components equipped within each.