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Fulton Thermal Boiler Systems

Thermal Boiler system

Thermal Boiler system

Building For Boiler Storage Housing

Fulton Thermal contacted U.S. Chemical Storage after wanting to begin offering a building for boiler storage. They were interested in providing a turnkey, portable boiler storage building direct from their factory. This stemmed from a need within their industry to provide an outdoor, weatherproof building to house the thermal boiler products they manufacture and install.

The expertise offered by U.S. Chemical Storage allowed a safe, compliant building to fully house the thermal boiler system, which in turn allowed the client to place that building containing the boiler in an otherwise non-compliant building space. Additionally, because our steel buildings are pre-fabricated, they can also be easily moved in the future if the boiler needs to be relocated in the future.

Fulton expressed both quality control and cost savings as an advantage by choosing to store their equipment with a U.S. Chemical Storage pre-fabricated, compliant steel storage building. Adding this feature for their operations also allowed Fulton to better utilize their floor space for additional projects while increasing operational productivity.

U.S. Chemical Storage’s Boiler Storage Solution

U.S. Chemical Storage was excited to be able to help this manufacturer further fortify their product’s flexibility and practicality while adding safety and portability to the end-user. Fulton found our 15-year structural warranty and globally trusted brand reputation helpful in enhancing their own brand.

Not all buildings we create a need a containment sump. U.S. Chemical Storage can create any type of building for your hazardous situation. Heavy equipment that needs isolation and safety features are types of hazards we can construct buildings for safety.

This is just one more example of the kind of expertise and creativity that U.S. Chemical Storage can provide to you and your industry. Let us help you find some exciting solutions to your difficult challenges.

Read a few of our other case studies or contact one of our experienced engineers today to learn more about our industry-leading pre-fabricated, compliant steel buildings. 

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