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Understanding Chemical Storage for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Doctor holding syringe in hospital

The pharmaceutical industry researches and develops new products continuously. Their commitment brings innovative solutions to the market to combat disease. Pioneering new medicines involves the use of many different hazardous chemicals.

Chemist magazine states, “Things have changed significantly over the past decade, most importantly in the evolution of the drug discovery practice in pharmaceutical and biochemical companies. Now, most companies use multiple techniques such as high-throughput screening, robotics, and combinatorial chemistry to generate as wide an array of chemical compounds as possible with the ultimate goal of finding just a few compounds that show promise.”

Medical laboratories use acids, bases, biological agents, flammables, hydrocarbons, oxidizing and reducing agents. Practicing safe handling and proper chemical storage of these hazardous materials is done on a daily basis.

Medical pioneers are also exploring the uses of marijuana. They are seeking ways to prolong the life and effectiveness of their product.

Medical storage facilities help pharmaceutical companies control their chemical inventory. Chemical storage buildings provide climate control and safety features to prevent deterioration of product quality over time.

Medical Chemical Storage

U.S. Chemical Storage supplies customizable chemical storage buildings designed for laboratories. Their heavy gauge steel frames give them strength and durability. Shelving, racks and stainless-steel sinks are selectable items. Safety features include eyewash-basins, safety-showers, alarms, gas sensors and liquid level detectors. Temperature control and ventilation systems are also available.

Medical chemical storage buildings meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as well as Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) standards. They have Factory Mutual (FM) or Warnock Hersey approvals.

All 4-hour fire-rated chemical storage buildings meet criteria for use inside an occupied building or within 10 feet of its location. Our 2-hour fire-rated chemical storage buildings meet criteria for use 10- to 30-feet from an occupied building.

Find Out More about Chemical Storage Buildings

Contact U.S. Chemical Storage to learn more about storage for the pharmaceutical industry. Our professional consultants advise you on the best solution for your application and generate a complimentary quote.


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