FireLoc flammable liquid storage building from U.S. Chemical Storage and SuperLoc Storage building

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Fire Rated Storage

FireLoc flammable liquid storage building from U.S. Chemical Storage and SuperLoc Storage building
Fire-rated hazmat storage buildings safely manage risks when storing flammable and hazardous chemicals. U.S. Chemical Storage provides several options to fit your needs. Our durable fire-rated storage buildings are available in FireLoc™ 2-hour fire rated and SuperLoc™ 4-hour fire rated models. All buildings utilize fire-resistant gypsum board and are encased in completely hand welded, high-quality steel. This provides safe and compliant storage of flammable liquids and combustibles in drums, totes or other containers. These fully compliant and 100% customizable containers allow for Class 1A Flammable Chemical Storage and/or mixing of Class 1B Flammable Chemicals to occur closer to your facility. Our patented hazmat storage buildings improve production, distribution, and safety. As a result, insurance policy renewals, inspections and hazardous spills are decreased, ultimately saving time and money.

Providing the Right Storage Solutions

Our team of experienced technical sales and engineering staff understands that not every flammable liquid storage building is the same. We take a custom approach with each of our customers to provide a solution tailored to your application and requirements. Our flammable chemical storage buildings guarantee years of compliant use and are unmatched in strength. All buildings are FM Global or Warnock Hersey approved and can be modified to include a wide variety of optional accessories. Always consult your local authority with jurisdiction to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed, including proper setback requirements for lockers.

Standard Sizes of Fire-Rated Storage Buildings

All flammable chemical storage buildings are available in widths of 6, 8, 10 and 12 feet, and lengths from 6 to 52 feet. Larger and custom sizes are also available.

Standard sizes of hazmat storage buildings

Types of Fire Rated Hazmat Storage Buildings

A U.S. Chemical storage building for flammable liquids

FireLoc™ Flammable Liquid Storage Building

2-hour flammable liquid storage buildings that ensure compliance with all applicable codes. Constructed from high quality steel.

SuperLoc™ fire-rated storage buildings from U.S. Chemical Storage

SuperLoc™ Flammable Storage Buildings

4-hour flammable storage buildings ensure compliance while improving efficiency and allow for flammable storage located within 10 feet from and even inside your facility.


Fire-Rated Hazmat Storage Buildings Features & Benefits

  • Safe storage of flammables in locations close to existing structures
  • Compliant with EPA, OSHA and NFPA requirements
  • 100% customizable to meet your specific needs
  • 15-year structural warranty
  • Modular construction available for larger sizes

Compliance & Approvals

At U.S. Chemical Storage we strive to give you the best solution for your operations. This building and its accompanying accessories can be engineered to meet the following approvals and certifications based upon your unique set of needs.



1. Do I need a fire-rated building?

There are two types of buildings to consider: fire-rated and non-fire rated steel buildings. First identify the materials to be stored and then group them by hazard. There are three steps to consider when deciding between a fire-rated and non-fire rated building. You must first determine what is to be stored and the quantity. Then you must decide where in relation to other buildings and property lines is the desired storage is to take place, and finally schedule a consult with the local authority having jurisdiction or local code expert to determine the storage building requirements. Our team at U.S. Chemical Storage has resources to help analyze your storage needs and building requirements but the final approval is made by the local authority having jurisdiction.

2. How do I comply with regulations?

Chemical storage buildings manufactured by U.S. Chemical Storage are designed to get your operation compliant. Contact a sales engineer to learn how we can find the best solution for your compliance needs. To learn more about specific chemical storage applications in your area, contact your local code authority.

3. How will location affect my building type?

Location of the building can be either inside another building or outside to fit your needs. Fire Separation, which is the amount of fire rating required between two occupancies, or the separation distance between those two occupancies, is determined by the occupancy ratings, construction types, and distances between both buildings. To determine the required fire separation, it is best to consult with your local code authority. If your hazmat storage building is located at distances greater than 30 feet you may not be required to have a fire-rated building.