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Personal Safety Accessories are very important when storing chemical inventory. U.S. Chemical Storage® specializes in keeping your chemical inventory safe and maintained as well as keeping your personnel safe and protected.

When storing chemical inventory in your U.S. Chemical Storage® buildings, precautions have to be addressed. Personal Safety is always a priority - that is why we provide an extensive amount of Personal Safety Accessories for your U.S. Chemical Storage® building.



    The permanent eyewash station is a free standing mounted station with four eye and face wash spray-type outlets that offer coverage for the whole face. The pipe and fittings of the station are built from galvanized steel and finished with a high visibility orange polyethylene cover to improve corrosion resistance and visibility. The spray heads have built in filters to remove impurities, flip top dust covers and internal flow control. The bowl measures 11 ½” and is available in stainless steel or high visibility orange ABS plastic. The station is factory assembled and tested before being installed to ensure the station performs when it’s needed.


    The interior eyewash and shower combination allows users to douse flames and rinse out eyes in case of an emergency in the chemical storage building. The shower is used for dousing flames that have caught on clothing and large spills of hazardous chemicals that must be washed off immediately. The eyewash station is for clearing the eye of any chemicals or hazardous material that may have accidentally been spilled.

    The station is factory assembled and tested before being installed to ensure quality. The head of the shower and the eyewash bowl are made of high visibility orange ABS plastic. The pipe and fittings are made of schedule 40 galvanized steel with a high visibility orange polyethylene coating for corrosion resistance.


    The exterior eyewash and drench shower station as well as the fittings are built from galvanized steel, covered in a high visibility yellow coating to prevent corrosion and improve visibility. The bowl of the eyewash station is made from stainless steel or high visibility ABS plastic and the head of the shower is built from heavy duty ABS plastic. The station is factory tested before being shipped to ensure performance.

    The shower is controlled by a stainless steel pull rod with triangular handle and delivers 26 GPM when activated. The water flow is regulated by an integrated flow control to conserve water while delivering a significant payload.

    The eyewash station is activated push bar and is available with foot pedal activation. The eyewash station is protected by individual flip dust covers on the spouts that flip up when the unit is activated or a dust bowl that activates the unit when lifted. The eyewash stations provide water flow of 4.8 GPM to delivers rapid relief to eyes or face injured by chemicals or particulate.


    The portable eyewash station is made from high visibility green ABS plastic and can be mounted on a wall or counter using the included epoxy coated steel mount. The portable station holds 16 gallons of water and weighs 13lbs. empty and 146lbs. full and has a built in carry handle. Water flow is gravity controlled and delivers water through two spray heads at a rate of 14 gallons in 15 minutes.

    The portable eyewash station is excellent for areas where a continuous source of potable water is unavailable, areas with low traffic or buildings that are used to store low hazard chemicals.

    Drench Shower Station

    If you store hazardous materials, a Drench Shower Station can allow you and your personnel to quickly remedy spills and leaks that have gotten on the skin, as well as drench flames that may appear on clothing. This Drench Shower Station is wall-mounted, with a 10 inch diameter high-impact plastic head. Other features include a 1” IPS Stay-Open Ball Valve and a 27” Pull Rod and Handle, allowing for quick, convenient access to the Drench Shower Station in the event of an emergency. This Drench Shower Station meets ANSI Standard Z358.1-1981. U.S. Chemical Storage is dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality personal safety equipment for use in your chemical storage area for the ultimate protection of your personnel. If you process, handle, and store hazardous materials, our Drench Shower Station is right for you.

    Emergency Lighted Exit Sign (EP) at Exit Door

    An Emergency Lighted Exit Sign can serve to guide your personnel out of harm’s way in the event of an emergency. Our Emergency Lighted Exit Sign is Explosion Proof and designed to be mounted at the exit door of your U.S. Chemical Storage building. This Emergency Lighted Exit Sign features a 20-watt halogen lamp for your emergency needs and meets or exceeds UL specifications for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D hazardous areas, so it is perfect for use among your hazardous chemical storage. Other features include a controlled, automatic charger and a dual-voltage transformer for 120/277 VAC operation. Our Emergency Lighted Exit Sign includes a sealed nickel-cadmium battery, 6 volt operation, and is maintenance free for completely self-sustained operation. The housing is heavy cast and copper-free. The Emergency Lighted Exit Sign includes a sealed test switch and power-on indicator. The enclosures and fixtures are UL Listed for your protection. This Emergency Lighted Exit Sign is designed with a ceiling-mounted fixture to be mounted inside your U.S. Chemical Storage building for a quick, safe exit during a power outage.

    Emergency Lights (EP) with battery backup at exit door

    Our Explosion Proof Emergency Lights features a fiberglass housing and features a brown-out activation that turns the lights on when the voltage drops. Included with these Emergency Lights is a test switch to ensure the lights are functioning properly. These Explosion Proof Emergency Lights operate on 120/240 VAC and are UL Listed for your protection. The system meets Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D; Class 2, Division 2, Groups F and G, meaning these lights are perfect for use around your hazardous materials storage. A 6-volt battery provides 2 hours of emergency light in the event of a power failure, offering your personnel the protection of lighting in hazardous areas. Protect your personnel by equipping your U.S. Chemical Storage building with our Explosion Proof Emergency Lights at the exit door.

    Emergency Lights (EP) with Battery Backup ceiling mount

    Three Emergency Lights, Explosion Proof for increased hazard protection, can be mounted in your U.S. Chemical Storage building to maintain a safe environment in the event of a power failure. The Emergency Lights are 20 watts and operate on 120/277 VAC specifications. Our Explosion Proof Emergency Lights are UL Listed for the highest protection and quality materials and designed to meet Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D, and Class 2, Division 2, Groups E, F, & G, making these Emergency Lights perfect for mounting within your U.S. Chemical Storage building in the presence of hazardous materials. Additional features include 90 minutes of emergency light with a 12 VDC battery, so your personnel won’t be caught in the dark in the event of a power failure. Provide your personnel with the highest safety protection in your hazardous chemical storage; equip your storage building with our Explosion Proof Emergency Lights.

    Exit sign (in Spanish, "SALIDA") - Explosion Proof

    This Exit Sign requires no electrical supply. It features internally illuminated glass tubes coated with Zinc Phosphor and filled with Tritium Gas. The Exit Sign requires no battery supply and has no hazardous internal or external wiring. Our Exit Signs are Explosion Proof, waterproof, corrosion-proof and vapor-proof for the highest safety standards in your hazardous chemical storage area. This Exit Sign may be mounted on the wall or ceiling of your U.S. Chemical Storage building and complies with the NFPA Life Safety Code, NRC, OSHA, and Council of American Building Officials. The Exit Sign is also UL Listed, so you know you’re getting quality product with the safest standards in the industry. Protect your personnel by lighting the way with our Explosion Proof Exit Sign.

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