55 Gallon Drum Chemical Storage – Built To Last

Compliant Chemical Storage for Containing  55 Gallon Drums

To safely manage your hazardous drum storage, it is necessary to understand exactly what hazardous materials are being stored. Are the chemicals extremely dangerous? Do officials need protective personnel equipment before entering the hazmat facility? Are the chemicals corrosive, flammable or explosive? These questions can be answered by analyzing the chemical’s MSDS information and identifying the hazards associated with the chemical. Knowledge of the chemicals being stored is critical to safely maintaining your chemicals.

Special storage methods are required for the hazardous materials outlined below:

  • Corrosives – A corrosive substance is any chemical that can cause damage to human tissue, or other materials, including steel.
  • Toxic Chemical – A toxic substance is any chemical that can cause death, permanent harm to humans or animals, or can create contamination to the environment. Toxic substances can be found in many household products.
  • Combustibles – These substances can burn at temperatures above working temperatures (above 100°F and below 200°F)
  • Flammables – Any substance that can burn, ignite or catch fire.
  • Oxidizers – Any substances that can oxidize another reagent. Oxidizers accept electrons from other substances.
  • Poisons – A poisonous substance can cause permanent injury or death to humans or animals. Poisons can have a harmful effect on the environment.
  • Reactive Chemical – A reactive substance includes chemicals that are unstable, susceptible to rapid decomposition, can cause other substances to react violently.

55 Gallon Drum Chemical Storage Buildings Create Compliance

Drum storage buildings by US Chemical Storage are designed to compliantly handle large volumes or small volumes of chemical containers. Chemical drum storage can be safely stored individually, on pallets or other forms of storage practices – depending on your specific operations. Our 55 gallon drum chemical storage buildings can be fire-rated or non-fire rated based on your chemical storage. All drum storage buildings are customized to meet all of your specifications and can include non-explosion proof and explosion proof accessories. Built with a leak-proof secondary sump containment to safely contain any spills, leaks or hazardous accidents that may occur.

55 Gallon Drum Chemical Storage - safety, compliance, and security.

55 Gallon Drum Chemical Storage by US Chemical Storage.

US Chemical Storage’s 55 gallon drum chemical storage buildings are built from heavy-gauge steel for superior strength and designed by professional engineers for quality assurance. Every drum storage building is tested in our factory to ensure that our customers receive the highest-quality drum storage solution. Featuring a 15-year structural warranty and a 2-part epoxy top coat, inside and out, for protection against chemicals and extreme weather conditions. These buildings are built for industrial use and made to last.

Compliantly store your chemical drums inside or outside of your factory with our fire-rated construction. Choose between our 2-hour fire-rated or 4-hour fire-rated protection for maximum safety. Store your chemical drums inside your facility with our 4-hour fire-rated SUPERloc chemical storage buildings or up to 10 feet to 30 feet with our FIREloc chemical storage buildings. Designed for safety, security and compliance. Our 55 gallon drum chemical storage buildings are extremely strong and dependable chemical storage solutions. Store your 55 gallon drums with a strong, safe, secure and compliant storage solution by US Chemical Storage.

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