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Mother Murphy’s Food and Beverage

Food and beverage storage unit

Food and beverage storage unit: Flammable Storage Hazmat Building by US Chemical Storage

Flammable Storage

In this case study for flammable storage, Mother Murphy’s purchased a new facility that is being transitioned into a distribution center plus a new manufacturing area. Due to the nature of their business, they always have a large volume of Class 1B flammable on hand. At the old facility, the client was storing large amounts of flammable liquids in an area not designated for flammable storage.

They were at the time following the local authority’s compliance because the storage area was “grandfathered” in. However, upon moving into the new facility, changes had to be made to bring the storage up to adequate compliance. This is a common occurrence that often catches plant engineers off guard. It’s important to consider updated compliance regulations anytime facilities are being updated.


For the new facility, U.S. Chemical Storage provided two large 4-hour fire-rated units that are designed to store totes and pallets. The two fire-rated lockers feature additional accessories including push-back racking which optimizes access to a two-level, three-deep approved storage area. Using this design there is no wasted space and they can store the proper amount of material needed. It is an efficient way to handle materials by allowing full access to all the product without special forklift equipment.  The gravity-fed roller conveyor mechanism is extremely smooth and durable.

Our client is now able to store their hazardous material close to or inside their facility, therefore providing our client with increased operational production within their manufacturing operations. Both flammable storage units are temperature-controlled, ventilated, and protected with approved fire suppression systems. With the addition of these new units the client is now in full compliance with current State & Local Codes. Success stories like this are extremely rewarding for us, and we are glad to be a part of this case study for flammable storage.

Read other case studies or contact one of our experienced engineers today to learn more about our industry-leading chemical storage buildings.

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