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How Does the Military Handle Hazardous Waste Storage?

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With the constant pressure of military preparedness, storing hazardous waste seems like a low priority. But, exposure to hazardous waste has a real effect on the health and safety of our armed forces. Some veterans even face the long-term realities of occupational diseases. According to the U.S. Veterans Association, common occupational hazards in the military include industrial solvents, chemical agent resistant coating paints, polychlorinated biphenol, lead and fuels.

But did you know that the wastes of these products are sometimes more dangerous than the products themselves?

The Risks of Hazardous Waste

A hazardous product of any kind is the safest when contained in its original packaging. Opening the package exposes the material to oxygen and breaks the original seal.

Each chemical comes with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). These inform of its hazards as well as provide safe handling and storage practices. Remember, some chemicals have expiration dates. They become hazardous waste when they are past their useful life. Others can deteriorate through exposure to light and oxygen.

Compatibility is also a major risk of hazardous waste. Certain chemicals react violently with other chemicals, creating explosions or fires. For example, oxidizers are not always flammable on their own. But, they release oxygen when they react with other chemicals, thus accelerating a fire.

Hazardous Waste Needs Control Systems and Records

The biggest safety risk on any military site is people. Only trained and certified people should access a hazardous materials storage building. Access control should keep unauthorized personnel out of the area. This protects them from suffering injuries or health consequences due to inadvertent exposure.

U.S. Chemical Storage Provides Hazardous Waste Solutions

U.S. Chemical Storage offers hazardous waste solutions that comply to all relevant legislation. We are the experts in hazardous waste storage so that you don’t have to be. Our hazardous waste storage buildings offer fire-resistant designs that meet NFPA and OSHA 1910.106 code compliance. Customized partitioning is available to segregate incompatible materials.

Prefabricated hazardous waste storage buildings cost significantly less than standard construction buildings. Yet, they still achieve the same code-compliant specifications that typically would cost many times what traditional onsite construction costs for the same requirements. U.S. Chemical Storage will review your specific application and design a custom building that meets your mission-critical needs.

Contact U.S. Chemical Storage for Hazardous Waste Storage Buildings

U.S. Chemical Storage specializes in hazardous waste storage. We design and implement storage buildings that meet NFPA and OSHA requirements, allowing you to focus on mission preparedness. Find out more about our hazardous waste storage solutions here.


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