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Flammable Chemical Storage Buildings

Our flammable storage buildings include the FIREloc™ 2-hour fire rated and SUPERloc™ 4-hour fire rated lines. Hand welded heavy-gauge steel allows for safe storage of flammable liquids and combustibles in drums, totes or other containers within 10 feet of or inside an existing structure.


Flammable chemical storage buildings offer safety, security and compliance.

These 100% compliant and customizable containers allow for Class 1A Flammable Chemical Storage and/or mixing of Class 1B Flammable Chemicals to occur closer to your facility. Our patented FIREloc™ and SUPERloc™ buildings improve production, distribution, and safety while decreasing the costs associated with insurance policy renewals, inspections and hazardous spills.

The unmatched strength of our flammable chemical storage buildings guarantee years of compliant use. Buildings are FM Global or Warnock Hersey approved and can be modified to include a wide variety of optional accessories.

General arrangement and submittal drawings can be provided with an engineer’s seal upon request prior to submittal to the owner/end-user, architect or engineer.


Our engineers can tailor these flammable storage buildings to your exact specifications and needs, the applications are limitless. No other fire rated building or cabinet out there offers you what our FIREloc™ or SUPERloc products do— safe, compliant, guaranteed for 15 years, and Made In The USA.


    Our FIREloc™ buildings are designed for flammable storage, combustibles, and housing other flammable chemicals that require a 2-hour fire rating when located 10-30 feet from an occupied facility. Multiple layers of fire resistant gypsum wallboard are encased between interior and exterior heavy gauge, hand welded steel. FIREloc™ exceeds EPA 40-CFR requirements, the roof and ceiling meet a Class A flame spread rating and come with a wind uplift exceeding a UL rating of I-60. These buildings offer climate control for temperatures ranging from 35°F to over 175°F, and are 100% fully customizable while maintaining EPA compliant spill containment.

    SUPERloc™ flammable storage buildings provide revolutionary protection and safety for flammables and combustibles requiring a 4 hour fire rating. Mineral wool insulation and multiple layers of UL Classified fire-resistant gypsum wallboard are encased between heavy gauge steel for maximum fire deterrence. SUPERloc™ enables you to store and mix flammable chemicals inside of or within 10 feet of your facility. Numerous explosion proof accessories are available to make SUPERloc™ the superior choice for protecting yourself and your flammable materials. Flammable chemical storage buildings by US Chemical Storage are 100% customizable and 100% compliant. Contact one of our sales engineers to learn more about our flammable chemical storage buildings today.

    • FIREloc™: Chemical Storage 10’-30’ From Your Facilities
    • SUPERloc™: Chemical Storage Inside or 10’ From Your Facilities
    • Durable Steel Construction for Added Security, Protection, and Longevity
    • Explosion Proof Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating Units Available
    • Turnkey Installation (Design, Delivery, Install) Available
    • Explosion Proof and Non-Explosion Proof Mechanical Vents, Gas Sensors, Liquid Level Detectors, and Electrical Accessories Available
    • 15-Year Structural Warranty
    • 100% Customizable
    • Available Climate Control From 35°F to Over 175°F
    • EPA Compliant Spill Containment
    • Storage of Class 1A Flammable Chemicals
    • Mixing of Class 1B Flammable Chemicals

    Certifications and Permits

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