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Protect Hazardous Equipment with Equipment Storage Buildings

Storage building for valuable equipment
Electrical accidents cause serious injury and even loss of life. Statistics show that 154 people lost their lives in electrical incidents in 2016. Another 1,640 people sustained injuries. The lucky ones who were able to return to work spent an average of five days recuperating from their injuries. But, electrical panels are not the only equipment worth securing. Noisy equipment that exceeds safe decibel limits poses risks to workers and neighbors. Critical equipment causes loss of profit when offline and has a high replacement cost.

Equipment Storage Buildings Keep Electrical Panels Safe

Browsing through incident reports for electrical accidents makes for a sobering read. One of the key causes for contact with electricity is a lack of access control to electrical panels. Untrained workers may touch live electricity without realizing it until it’s too late. Uncontrolled access to electrical panels also puts electricians at risk. If they isolate equipment, someone else may re-energize it while they are working. Controlled access to electrical panels protects workers from contacting live electrical apparatus. Housing electric panels in equipment storage buildings keeps workers safe.

Equipment Storage Buildings Keep Pumps, Compressors and Generators Quiet

OSHA regulates noise pollution in the workplace. According to OSHA, 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels each year. This results in penalties of more than $1.5 million to employers. It is not always possible to reduce the noise coming from equipment. Sometimes that noise must be contained to prevent it from impacting on people. Equipment storage buildings from U.S. Chemical Storage feature insulated steel and R30 rated insulation that absorbs and reflects sounds inwardly. This reduces decibel levels, allowing the installation of equipment closer to occupied structures.

Equipment Storage Buildings Keep Process Equipment Free from Vandalism

Facilities depend on the availability of their critical equipment to operate. Even a short period of downtime could cause the loss of a valuable client or lead to an environmental release. Protection of equipment is a business-critical issue. Unfortunately, vandalism and theft characterize the world we live in. Equipment accessible to unauthorized personnel is susceptible to damage. Equipment storage buildings help companies secure their critical equipment from vandalism.

Order Your Equipment Storage Building from U.S. Chemical Storage Today

U.S. Chemical Storage supplies 100% customizable equipment storage buildings quickly and at a reasonable cost. Configure the design to meet your needs and secure your electrical panels and hazardous equipment today. Find out more about our equipment storage building options here.



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