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US Chemical Storage manufactures 100% customizable storage units that are capable of storing hazardous materials and chemicals at specific temperatures or within specific temperature ranges. Whether storing chemicals at 35°F or above 175°F, we have air conditioned, refrigerated, freezer, and heated buildings to maintain your chemical’s integrity, regardless of the temperature range they require. CLIMATE CONTROL TYPES

Every model storage building is constructed with built-in secondary containment to meet 40CFR, NFPA 30, and other regulations to ensure that your hazardous materials are stored safely and properly. Our climate controlled buildings create peace of mind with turn-key installation and delivery, coupled with our durable hand welded construction and 15-year structural warranty.


US Chemical Storage air conditioned chemical storage buildings are 100% customizable and have a wide range of chemical storage advantages; allowing for optimum temperature control while storing your flammables, combustibles or other hazardous materials safely. Hand welded from heavy 12-gauge steel and optional explosion proof construction guarantee your building will remain secure, and endure natural disasters or violent temperature changes without putting your inventory at risk.

These temperature controlled rooms save you time and money by constantly maintaining temperatures ranging from 60°F to 70°F. Our units help maintain the integrity of costly hazardous materials over longer periods of time.


Friedrich brand non-explosion proof air conditioners / heat pumps are interior commercial wall mounted window unit air conditioner(s). Supply cord is required for wall mounted “Friedrich” air conditioners with a right angle plug 6' long on 115V models; 4' long on all 230/208V models. Contains a built in thermostat.

Bard brand exterior, through the wall commercial air conditioner(s) are available as well in various electric voltage to meet your company's electrical supply demands for the chemical storage building you require. A good variety of tonnages are also available ranging from 1– 6 tons. A remote thermostat is available for these models.

These units are environmentally friendly using R-410A refrigerant and are hermetically sealed. Seacoast Protection is also utilized for tough corrosion-resistant finishes. The fan motor is completely enclosed to ensure efficient operation. The fan motor is also hermetically sealed for arc-free protection. The capacitor withstands voltage overloads up to 440 volts and optional modifications can make these units into explosion proof air conditioners

Circuit breaker, wire and ground sizes are based on Manufacturer recommendations, NEC and AHJ. Voltage size and phase are based on your company's physical site electrical supply available.

A separate manufacturer’s care manual will be provided with final documents.


An optional one (two, three, Etc.) explosion proof air conditioner, “Friedrich”, is available. This is an interior commercial wall mounted window unit air conditioner(s) with a built in thermostat.


Refrigerated chemical storage buildings from US Chemical Storage are 100% custom manufactured to keep stored chemicals at a specific temperature. With explosion proof and non-explosion proof construction, these refrigerated chemical buildings are designed for chemicals that need to be stored between 35°F and 65°F.

An array of accessories and our 15-year structural warranty make these refrigerated buildings completely adaptable to your specifications and guaranteed to last.


These EP refrigeration systems shall be split type. The unit cooler is be a BTU evaporator/ air handler conforming to NEC Class I, Division I or Division II requirements. A non-classified condensing unit with all weather housing is mounted on a cantilevered platform welded to the outside at the end of the building.


US Chemical Storage heated buildings are the safest and most dependable explosion proof heated buildings on the market. Our heavy gauge steel buildings are coated inside and out with our chemical, weather, and UV resistant 2-part epoxy coating guaranteed to to keep your storage safe, no matter where your building is located for 15 years.

When storing chemicals that require a constant temperature at or above 55°F, our indestructible heated buildings provide unmatched security and safety for workers and materials. Depending on your needs, we offer explosion proof accessories such as convection, and fan forced heaters, Class B explosion proof mechanical vents, and a number of other fully customizable accessories.

In addition to temperature controlled buildings, US Chemical Storage offers a variety of options and accessories such as R30 insulation or higher, insulated personnel and roll-up doors, and vinyl curtain slats among others. Our custom construction allows you to have a temperature controlled hazmat chemical storage building that meets any chemical storage regulation.


US Chemical Storage uses “Ruffneck” brand forced air heaters in hazardous locations where specific explosive gases or dusts may be present. These heaters are designed for the harshest environments such as:

  • Dry indoor industrial applications
  • Oil refineries, petrochemical plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Grain elevators, hazardous waste Storage facilities
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Where specific explosive gases and dusts may be present.

The explosion proof forced air heater offers a larger junction box for easier installation, additional limit controls and a heavy duty core. The heater core assembly is contained in a sturdy, epoxy coated 14-gauge steel cabinet which also carries the motor and fan assembly. Adjustable louvers allow directional control of the airflow. A narrow gap, two-piece fan guard is provided as a shield. All fasteners are zinc plated for corrosion protection.

These forced air heater units are UL listed and suitable for the following hazardous location classifications:

  • Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D
  • Class II, Divisions 1, Groups E, F & G
  • Class II, Divisions 2, Groups F & G
  • Class I, Zones 1 & 2, Groups IIA & IIB
  • Temperature Code T3B 165°C (329°F)

Kilowatt ranges for these units are from 3-20 kw, BTUs range from 10,236 - 68,242 ,and they come available in 208 and 240 one or three phase and 480 Volts three phase.

Grounding, Wiring and Breaker size is based on manufacturer recommendations and current NEC. A user adjustable thermostat is an option with temperature settings from 50 degree to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


Optional One (Two, Three, Etc.) Explosion Proof Convection Heater(s), “Ruffneck” convection heaters, are for hazardous locations heating and provide the most dependable, trouble-free service available. The harsh operating conditions of this application require the utmost in heater reliability. A smaller profile utilizes less wall and floor space. The design has a sloped top 14 gauge steel cabinet (also available in stainless steel), no exposed copper or brass, high velocity air flow, optional built in thermostat, galvanized steel mounting brackets, and aluminum plate fins. An adjustable thermostat is available as an option.

The heater is suitable for following classifications: Groups A, B, C, D; IIA, IIB, IIC ratings.


    We know that your needs are specific to your project - that’s why we offer the largest selection of versatile storage options. US Chemical Storage is the leading manufacturer and distributor of custom buildings.

    All of our units, products, and accessories are 100% compliant, allowing us to custom tailor a building for any application. No matter what hazardous material or container you need to safely store and protect, US Chemical Storage has a solution for you that’s guaranteed to last throughout our industry leading 15-year structural warranty.


    • Cooling buildings with temperatures ranging from 35°F to 70°F
    • Heated buildings with temperatures up to 250°F
    • Turnkey Installation (Design, Delivery, Install) Available
    • Non-Fire Rated or Fire Rated Construction Available
    • Seismic Bolt-Down Plates and Static Grounding System
    • EPA Compliant Spill Containment and Access
    • Leak-Proof Containment Sump
    • Safely Collect and Remove All Leaks, Drips, and Spills
    • 15-Year Structural Warranty

    Certifications and Permits

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    Protect and store your hazardous materials with our 100% customizable and compliant parts and accessories


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    Safely store chemicals requiring a specific temperature range with our energy efficient, space-saving,100% compliant and guaranteed climate control units


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    Safely store and organize your flasks, test tubes, and vials containing hazardous materials — 100% customizable, hand welded, and corrosion resistant.


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    Control the volume and frequency of air changes to safely store or mix hazardous materials — find your 100% customizable and compliant ventilation solution


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    Safely store and separate hazardous materials in the same building with our multi-compartment construction — 100% customizable,and guaranteed.
  • Flammable Chemical Storage Buildings

    Flammable Chemical Storage Buildings

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    Safely store flammable chemicals or liquids closer to or directly inside your facility with our 100% compliant and customizable 2 hour FIREloc and 4 hour SUPERloc buildings.