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Storage Applications

For over 30 years U.S. Chemical Storage has provided second to none service as our engineers have developed custom hazmat storage buildings for endless chemical storage applications. Projects include complex mutli-unit modular and duplex buildings designed for global leaders in biotechnology, oil and energy, automotive manufacturing, and government entities, to single chemical storage buildings for golf courses and small businesses.



Pallet and tote storage buildings dramatically reduce the effort required to handle, manage, and store chemical drums. These 100% customizable, Warnock Hersey approved buildings feature push-back racking which enable you to maximize storage and manufacturing capacity.



When storing and organizing drums of non-flammable chemicals, our patented DRUMloc™ buildings provide unmatched protection at industry leading prices.

DRUMloc™ storage buildings dramatically increase the ease in handling, managing, and storing chemical drums. These 100% customizable, FM Global approved buildings feature push-back racking, enabling you to maximize your storage and manufacturing capacity.



Two areas must be emphasized when storing chemicals in small containers: versatility and organization. Storing flasks, test tubes, vials, and resealable containers in close proximity to each other while ensuring safety and accessibility is of paramount importance. US Chemical Storage has developed fully customizable small container storage systems that will dramatically increase workplace safety and efficiency.



Separate buildings are often purchased to store incompatible hazardous materials when a building could be converted into a Multi-Compartment unit by US Chemical Storage instead. Save money, maximize surface area, and create limitless climate controlled, secure storage environments in one building.



When combining potentially harmful substances, an emphasis must be placed on ventilating and preserving the valuable materials being used. Safely mixing and dispensing hazardous chemicals is a daily necessity for the vast majority of manufacturers and those working with agri-chemicals. US Chemical Storage offers a number of fully customizable products that will dramatically increase safety while reducing waste when working with these costly materials.



US Chemical Storage manufactures 100% customizable storage units that are capable of storing hazardous materials and chemicals at specific temperatures or within specific temperature ranges. Whether storing chemicals at 35°F or above 55°F, we have air conditioned, refrigerated, freezer, and heated buildings to maintain your chemical’s integrity, regardless of the temperature range they require.



When storing household hazardous materials, safely separating incompatible chemicals that come from the general public is a necessity. Household hazardous waste buildings offer increased safety for communities and the environment. Fully customizable, compliant, and guaranteed by our industry leading 15-Year Structural Warranty.



LED lighting, the automobile industry, the increased implementation of Li-ion powered technology within the military, and everyday electronic devices have caused the production and transport of lithium-ion batteries to grow exponentially in recent years. Special precautions and arrangements are vital in protecting the longevity of these batteries and preventing the fragile materials contained within them from being exposed to the outside environment. US Chemical Storage has a number of unique Li-ion storage containers and accessories to ensure 100% functionality upon delivery.



For turf maintenance and agricultural professionals, the TURFloc™ series provides peace of mind when storing agri-chemcials. Patented secondary containment significantly reduces contamination risks in the environment and ground water surrounding your building. As with all our product lines, TURFloc™ is a turnkey solution that can be delivered directly to you in a diverse range of sizes.



Hazardous conditions, disturbing noise emission, and vandalism make storing and protecting equipment a necessity. US Chemical Storage Equipment Storage Buildings are 100% customizable and our most cost effective option when your valuable equipment needs 24/7 security. If needed, these versatile buildings can be prefabricated with floorless construction to cover existing structures, dampening harmful noise, and hiding machinery components.



Safely store hazardous materials and chemical waste from manufacturing and other processes. US Chemical Storage hazmat storage lockers are fully customizable and designed to protect employees, investments and the environment. Hazmat storage lockers meet EPA, OSHA NFPA regulations and FM approvals and Warnock Hersey standards.


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