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US Chemical Storage has a number of parts and accessories to customize your building and ensure compliant storage of your hazardous materials. Non-explosive, explosive, and fire rated assembly for every accessory guarantees that your investments, personnel and facilities will remain protected. Select from any of the categories below to learn more about what US Chemical Storage has to offer.


U.S. Chemical Storage currently carries a full line of safety accessories. Find the accessories that will guarantee compliance of your hazardous material storage below:

  • Lights

    Lighting is a crucial requirement to maintain safety in a hazardous materials storage building. Because lighting is so important, we offer a wide variety of options for every safety building we manufacture. Explosion Proof and Non Explosion Proof classifications are available for Interior and Exterior Lighting as well as Emergency Back-Up Lighting.

  • Cooling

    Storing hazardous materials often requires specific temperature regulation in your building. We offer cooling options for safety reasons as well as maintaining the quality of your materials. You can choose between an air conditioning unit or a refrigeration unit which both come equipped with thermostatic controls and 4-degree temperature differentials.

  • Heating

    Storing explosive materials require that you maintain a specific temperature to promote safety and ensure quality of your product. The wall or ceiling mount allows you to save space and its rugged construction lengthens the life of your unit.

  • Doors

    U.S. Chemical Storage offers several options of doors allowing clients the proper access to their hazardous materials. We offer swing doors and roll-up doors which meet code requirements and can be applied to any standard building model. These doors can accommodate any type of container including but not limited to drums, totes, pallets, pails, and tanks. Our swing doors can be equipped with fusible link-activated door hold open devices and panic bars.

  • Spill Detection

    Spill detection devices can be located in explosion proof or non-explosion proof buildings close to a flat sump floor at the lowest edge. They detect dangerous spills immediately with audible or visual alarms. They also have available contacts for coordinating with an on-site alarm system and are compliant with all applicable regulations.

  • Racks

    Racks are offered to support, secure, and organize all pallets, totes, cylinders and other containers. Racks for pallets and totes allow you to maximize your storage space and can be configured in 1 or 2 level functions and up to 3 pallets deep.

  • Sensors

    Our sensors come in the form of gas sensors or smoke detectors and promote safety by alerting your personnel of changes in air quality. These sensors come equipped with visual and audible alarms as well as providing contacts for local alarms.

  • Temperature Control

    It is possible that your hazardous materials will require specific temperature regulations for safety purposes as well as quality purposes. We offer heating and cooling options in our buildings to meet the needs of our clients and their hazardous materials. Our refrigeration and freezing units can be installed at the factory or in the field. Temperature control units are offered in both explosion proof and non-explosion proof classifications and each temperature controlled building is insulated to ensure proper function.

  • Electrical Accessories

    We offer a variety of options to help manage your electrical needs. We offer outlets, switches, electrical load centers, transformers and junction boxes. The outlets and switches can be on the interior or exterior and are available in both explosion proof and non-explosion proof classifications.

  • Mechanical Ventilation

    Harmful vapors and the general nature of the material being stored may require fan forced ventilation. To meet this requirement we offer explosion proof and non-explosion proof ventilation systems. Accessories such as fume hoods and ventilation thermostats are also available.

  • Fire Suppression

    Building codes and other requirements often dictate that chemical storage buildings must have some sort of fire suppression system. To meet these requirements we offer water sprinkler systems, dry chemical systems, foam and CO2 systems which can all be installed by our personnel or a specialist at the location. These systems have audible and visual alarms and can be equipped with a variety of fire suppression accessories.

  • Exhaust Fans

    Exhaust fans are critical in preventing fumes, vapors and dust that may lead to a fire or an explosion inside of your chemical storage building. Exhaust fans also includes a UL Listed fire damper for complete protection. Our wide variety of exhaust fans will give you the protection you need for your investments.

  • Flooring

    We understand our clients' needs are all different, that is why we offer a wide variety of flooring options. Our flooring products include, but are not limited to fiberglass floor grating, T-Bar flooring, galvanized steel grating, and gravity roller flooring. We offer full customization for your protection.

  • Explosion Relief Construction

    US Chemical Storage provides complete protection to your chemical storage inventory. Our explosion relief construction consists of blow out panels that are required by NFPA 68 to compliantly store Class 1A Flammables. Our explosion relief construction gives you the protection needed in case of an explosion.

  • Personal Safety

    Personal safety is very important to us, that is why we offer a large variety of personal safety products. Our personal safety products include, but are not limited to eyewash stations, drench shower stations, emergency lights, exit signs, flow sensors and more. Check out our large variety of personal safety products for complete personnel safety.

  • Partition Walls

    In order to keep your chemical inventory organized and separated from incompatible materials, a partition wall is necessary. That is why we offer a variety of partition wall constructions. From our open-mesh partition wall to our fire-rated partition walls you can be sure that your chemical inventory will be protected.

  • Custom Accessories

    US Chemical Storage offers an extensive variety of custom accessories to fit your chemical storage specifications. Check out all of our custom accessories and how they can benefit your chemical storage applications.

  • Ramps

    Our ramps are available with all of our US Chemical Storage buildings to allow for convenience when loading or unloading chemicals. Our ramps can be fitted with safety rails or raised edges, and non-slip surfaces can be added. Our ramps are compatible with all of our chemical storage buildings and adjustments in width and length can be made to allow larger containers to be loaded with ease.



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    Safely store chemicals requiring a specific temperature range with our energy efficient, space-saving,100% compliant and guaranteed climate control units


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    Increase safety and continuously monitor air quality inside your chemical storage building with our 100% compliant and guaranteed gas sensors


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    Extinguish chemical fires and limit inventory loss with our Fire Suppression Systems & Accessories — 100% customizable and compliant to your storage needs


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    Compliant lighting in and around your chemical storage building is crucial when working with hazardous materials— find your 100% customizable solution today