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DRUMloc™ - Chemical Storage Buildings for Drum Storage

Contain hazardous drum storage on-site, make manufacturing more efficient, and safely store chemical drums.

Compliant, non-fire rated drum storage buildings for storing hazardous drums and other hazardous material storage. Store your hazardous materials & chemicals at a safe distance with our FM or Warnock Hersey approved DRUMloc™ line of drum storage lockers built with non-fire rated construction. Every model is constructed with built-in secondary containment to meet EPA 40CFR, NFPA 30, and other regulations. Our industry-leading 15-year structural warranty is provided for every chemical storage locker we manufacture. Superior construction and design allow us to maintain this unmatched warranty. You can modify your drum storage building to include any of these optional accessories.

Like all US Chemical Storage buildings, DRUMLocs are relocatable.

Each DRUMLoc includes:

  • Factory Mutual Approval label
  • Leak-Proof Secondary Containment
  • Gravity air vents to allow 6 air changes per hour
  • Chemical, Weather, and UV Resistant 2-Part Coating Inside and Out
  • Removable Steel Floor Grating provides full access to Secondary Containment
  • Static Grounding System
  • Seismic Bolt-Down Plates
  • Open Access for Forklift Offloading/Relocation
  • DOT metal flip placard, NFPA 704 Hazard Rating Signs

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DRUMloc Specifications

DL (DRUM LOC) (Non Fire Rated) Panelized Walls, Unidirectional, No Insulation

  • Standard Features
  • Dimension: L X W X H
  • Weight: *VARIES
  • Snow Load: 40 PSF
  • Floor Load: 500 PSF
  • Wind Load: 90 MPH Exp. C

DRUMloc conforms to the above design factors unless otherwise noted on drawings as directed per local and state codes.

*Accessories may alter building weight and dimensions.

The steel used to fabricate the model quoted here is the highest-grade American made steel and is free from rough edges, kinks and sharp bends. Our manufacturing is done precisely and in a tidy fashion. All bends are made by controlled means to ensure uniformity and strength. Our welding procedures are in accordance with the American Welding Society and meet standards set forth by the ASTM, and all welds are sufficient in Locker Construction:

DRUMloc's Non-Combustible weatherproof construction with welded exterior 12-gauge steel panels and 10-gauge sump provides maximum durability and strength. Wall studs are 3-1/2" by 2" for superior strength, manufactured from 12-gauge steel and producing a 3-1/2" wall cavity ready to accept standard insulation if required.

Continuously welded roof and sump sections provide added rigidity in transit and use. Roof/Ceiling: Noncombustible weatherproof construction is the same as building walls. Continuously welded 12-gauge steel roof is permanently attached to the building. Equipped with rain shield over door. Spill Containment Sump Construction: Built in 7" deep leak tight secondary containment sump surpasses FM spill containment requirements. Heavy-duty construction utilizes 10-gauge steel for superior structural support. Removable galvanized steel floor grating rated 500psf for heavy drum/pallet loads. Structural steel floor supports are easily removed for clean up of spills within the sump.

When located more than 75ft away from other facilities, roads or property lines, fire rating is not necessary for flammable and combustible chemicals. Should the building require heating or cooling systems, the walls and ceiling/roof would have to be insulated. The exposed insulation material should be covered for mechanical protection. The can be achieved using a steel liner.

Building Base: Open channel construction for under-sump inspection. Steel C-channels and hold down brackets provided for ease of offloading and securing to site. Attains seismic and wind load anchoring.

Static Grounding System: Three (3) Interior grounding lugs, one (1) exterior static grounding connection and one (1) galvanized steel grounding rod for prevention of explosive sparking hazards.

Ventilation: Gravity Air Flow Vents in both high and low positions, with weatherproof galvanized steel frame and louvers to provide adequate air flow and natural draft. Interior screened openings prevent pest entry.

Signage: Permanent D.O.T. metal flip placard with rust proof aluminum holder and stainless steel clips. One (1) pressure sensitive NFPA 704 Hazard Rating sign on door.

Certifications: Factory Mutual (FM) Approval label affixed.

Building Finish: After an extensive cleaning process the interior and exterior surfaces are protected with a high Solids alkyd universal metal primer (primer) and a high solid acrylic alkyd enamel top coat providing proven Interior chemical resistance as well as exterior abrasion, corrosion, UV resistance and exceptional durability.

Color: Standard Color is Bleached Bone unless noted otherwise. Other color choices available are White, Barber Green, Aztec Brown, Dove Gray. Custom Colors available upon request.

Storage Capacity shall be up to: (x) Fifty-five (55) gallon drums or (x) 4’ square pallets or totes. Stored back-to-front and side-to-side completely filling all available floor space. Total room storage capacity is in (X) gallons in “packed-in” mode.

Storage Capacity Option: (x) Fifty-five (55) gallon drums or (x) 4’ square pallets or totes with (x) wide aisle for inspection and material handling of hand trucks, lifters, forklifts and crane hoists maneuvering capability. Total room storage capacity is in (X) gallons less floor space allowed for aisles.


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