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When storing household hazardous materials, safely combining the various chemicals that come from the general public is a necessity. Household hazardous waste buildings are one of our most used and reliable structures, fully customizable, compliant, and guaranteed by our industry leading 15-year structural warranty.


Household hazardous waste buildings are our most trusted and dependable chemical storage buildings voted by customers across the United States. These compliant buildings allow you to safely store household hazardous wastes at your facility, benefiting human health and the environment.

Our buildings typically have multiple rooms separated by complete partitions so the buildings can store incompatible materials in different compartments. Always keep in mind that our household hazardous waste buildings are always 100% customizable to fit your exact specifications for hazardous waste needs.

Our buildings provide you with a place to store household wastes that are flammable, corrosive, combustible and other hazardous material that needs to be stored properly. Our chemical storage buildings are tested at our secure manufacturing factories before shipment to ensure that your household hazardous waste building will be properly stored and maintained.

Storing household hazardous waste can help communities stay safe and clean as well as allow a municipality to save expense in handling such waste. All of our buildings have our industry-leading 15-year structural warranty due to a manufacturing process that utilizes structural steel tubing rather than formed channels.


Our household hazardous waste buildings are completely customizable - no need is too small or large for this application. When storing the many different chemicals and dangerous compounds that come from homes, our 100% compliant, structurally guaranteed household waste containers should be your first choice.


    Household hazardous waste buildings are manufactured with built-in secondary spill containment to meet EPA 40CFR, NFPA 30 and other regulations to ensure site safety. Our household hazardous waste buildings also come with numerous options to target your needs such as: lighting, fire suppression, climate control technology, exhaust fans, shelving and more. Each model we design and manufacture is available in Non Fire Rated, 2-hour fire-ated or 4-hour fire-rated constructions. Household hazardous waste buildings are extremely easy to transport, which is why we have open access for forklift offloading/relocation to simplify your relocation needs.

    Capable of maintaining climate control across temperatures ranging from 35°F to 175°F+ depending on your needs.

    • Durable Steel Construction for Added Security, Protection, and Longevity
    • Create Safety For Your Entire Community and Cut Costs
    • Turnkey Installation (Design, Delivery, Install) Available
    • Non-Fire Rated or Fire Rated Construction Available
    • 15-Year Structural Warranty
    • 100% Customizable and Compliant
    • Available Climate Control from 35°F to Over 175°F
    • Seismic Bolt-Down Plates and Static Grounding System
    • EPA Compliant Spill Containment and Access

    Certifications and Permits

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