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Our drop-over buildings are 100% customizable problem solvers. These prefabricated, floorless units are designed to be crane hoisted and lowered over an existing structure to dampen noise, secure existing equipment, and hide unsightly infrastructure components. Regardless of your goal or need, drop-over buildings are the most cost effective solution when there is a pre-existing structure that needs protection.


These turn-key units are versatile and easy to relocate with 2-hour, 4-hour fire rated, and non-fire rated construction available upon request. Custom design, delivery, and installation from US Chemical Storage engineers ensure your immediate, and long-term needs are met.

Drop-over buildings feature 100% compliant accessories that control the temperature and climate surrounding your existing structure, eliminate disruptive noise your machinery is causing, or simply prevent tampering and increase security. These custom, built to last floorless steel buildings are safe for hazardous chemical storage when included spill containment is not required. The US Chemical Storage turnkey delivery will instantly solve all the issues you are currently experiencing with an existing structure.


When safety around or inside an existing structure needs to be increased, our drop-over buildings are your answer. No other building is manufactured with a better combination of versatility and reliability than these floorless cabinets that come with our 15-year structural warranty.


    Our drop-over buildings can be insulated to achieve moderate to high sound damping which absorbs or reflects noise inwardly to bring decibel levels down to safer levels — creating a healthier workplace and allowing equipment to be installed closer to occupied structures.

    Drop-over buildings, like all US Chemical Storage buildings, have countless applications and accessories that can be custom engineered to fit your specific needs. Maintain climate control for temperatures ranging from 35°F to 175°F+ depending on your needs. Add insulation with a value of R30, or equip these versatile buildings with heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, or freezer units.

    Drop-over storage buildings are commonly used as temperature controlled housings for pumps, valves, and pipes. These can be constructed with our full range of accessories which include insulated roll-up doors, lighting, electrical outlets, exhaust vents, insulated personnel doors and more.

    • Noise Damping from Generators or Pumps
    • Durable Steel Construction for Added Security, Protection, and Longevity
    • Explosion Proof Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating Units Available
    • Turnkey Installation (Design, Delivery, Install) Over Existing Structures and Machinery
    • Explosion Proof and Non-Explosion Proof Mechanical Vents, Gas Sensors, Liquid Level Detectors, and Electrical Accessories Available
    • Non-Fire Rated or Fire Rated Construction Available
    • 15-Year Structural Warranty
    • 100% Customizable and Compliant
    • Available Climate Control from 35°F to Over 175°F
    • Seismic Bolt-Down Plates and Static Grounding System

    Certifications and Permits

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    Safely store paint, caustics, agricultural chemicals and other forms of hazmat closer to your facility with a durable, completely sealed and 100% customizable non-fire rated chemical storage buildings.


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    Increase safety, dampen noise, and store valuable equipment closer to your facility with our fire rated and 100% customizable Equipment Buildings.


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    Protect and store your hazardous materials with our 100% customizable and compliant parts and accessories