Chemical Storage Building Doors

U.S. Chemical Storage offers a selection of chemical storage building doors that will provide compliance, safety, and optimum access to your stored hazardous materials. We offer all necessary design styles in a wide selection of sizes and construction types.

Gas Sensors and Other Detection Systems

U.S. Chemical Storage offers multiple types of gas sensors and detection accessories to alert your team of potentially dangerous changes in air quality or hazardous spills. We place a great emphasis on improving employee safety with every building we make. Through our experience, we understand that many accidents involving hazardous material can be prevented by taking the proper precautionary steps and alerting those in charge when leaks happen.

Don’t see a sensor type you need here? We’ve probably installed it into a building before. Be sure to contact us and ask.

Racks and Shelves

U.S. Chemical Storage offers an assortment of fully customizable racks to help you store, organize, and access a large numbers of hazmat containers. Gravity sliding, multi-tier pallet racks, cylinder racks, drum racks and many other compliant rack accessories will increase the safety and production capacity of your operations.

Get Organized with Storage Racks and Shelves

We also offer a variety of customizable shelving systems for organized storage of your chemical inventory.

Partition Walls

Partition walls allow you to segregate your chemical inventory in storage, within the same building. Available options include open-mesh, non-fire-rated and fire-rated partition walls.


It is crucial to choose a type of flooring that is right for your chemical inventory. The ideal type depends on the chemical inventory, how often the inventory is moved and the storage containers. We offer a wide variety of customizable flooring options to meet any chemical storage needs. Our products include, but are not limited to, galvanized steel grating, fiberglass t-bar or square molded grating. Smooth plate (painted steel, aluminum, or stainless) can be added on top of our grating for an even smoother rolling surface.

Fire Suppression

Building codes and other requirements often dictate that chemical storage buildings must have some sort of fire suppression system. To meet these requirements, we offer water sprinkler systems and dry chemical systems as standard options which can be installed by our personnel or a specialist at the location. These systems have audible and visual alarms and can be fitted with a variety of fire suppression accessories. The ability to quickly control chemical fires increases safety and peace of mind when storing hazardous materials. Another point of emphasis when extinguishing fires is minimizing inventory loss. Our effective and compliant fire suppression systems and accessories help save lives and costly materials in the event of an emergency.

Ventilation Options for Your Storage Building

U.S. Chemical Storage offers exhaust fans to provide safe and compliant ventilation for both storage and dispensing/mixing applications. These fans are offered in explosion proof, non-explosion proof, and corrosion-resistant classifications and design. The proper ventilation and exhaust ensures air is continuously moving in and out of your chemical storage building and can maximize worker and environmental safety. Our wide variety of mechanical ventilation and exhaust options will give you the peace-of-mind you need to keep operations running smoothly.

Emergency Safety Showers In Your Building

U.S. Chemical Storage buildings are designed to facilitate the chemical storage process, but protecting personnel who handle hazardous materials is even more important. Provide your workers with direct access to safety solutions with our many personal safety accessories, including emergency safety showers and eyewashes, signage, material handling equipment, and more.

We can offer a variety of emergency eye wash and shower stations that comply with ANSI standards and OSHA requirements. The ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standard provides guidelines for the location and performance of emergency eye wash and shower station. It states the equipment must be on the same level and within 10 seconds of an identified chemical hazard – approximately 55 feet. The path to reach it must be free of any obstacles or equipment.

Safety Shower flow rates must meet the need for enough flow of water to flush the affected area completely. They require a minimum supply of 20 gallons per minute at a pressure of 30 lbs. per square inch for at least 15 minutes. If the water supply is too hot or too cold, it may cause further harm to the injured person. That’s why ANSI specifies the water temperature must be in the tepid range of 60° to 100° F (16° to 38° C).

We offer different models for different applications. Workplace safety is fundamentally about the people you strive to protect and the environments in which they live and work. In an emergency, safety showers and eye washes can be the difference between life and death.

Annual inspections certify that the emergency safety shower remains compliant with the ANSI requirements. Validate water temperature, flow rate, location, operation, etc. on an annual basis. This makes sure the equipment is performing how it should and providing the right level of emergency relief.

Justrite:  Meet OSHA Emergency Shower Requirements

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Climate Control Options for Your Storage Building

U.S. Chemical Storage climate-controlled chemical storage buildings keep chemicals above or below ambient temperature. They are configured to safely store temperature sensitive chemicals, regardless of the temperature range they require.  Whether storing chemicals at 35°F or above 175°F, our air conditioned, refrigerated, and heated buildings are designed to maintain your chemical’s integrity. Climate control chemical storage units are offered in both explosion proof and non-explosion proof classifications. Each building is insulated to ensure proper function. A key feature of our climate control chemical storage buildings is the single point temperature controllers we offer. We can offer a simple thermostat, or a more robust PID Controller. The simple thermostat will control the heating and cooling units within the range you set. The PID Controller provides the ability to control the temperature range, as well as high/low temperature alarms and even recording capability.

Electrical Accessories for Your Storage Building

Keep your storage accessible and up-and-running, night or day, with U.S. Chemical Storage electrical components. Electrical accessories including outlets, switches, lighting, and more are available to pair with your custom chemical storage building.