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Pesticide Storage Building

U.S. Chemical Storage designs and manufactures customizable pesticide storage buildings for agrichemicals and other hazmat. No matter the amount of pesticides you are storing, we have you covered. Our leak-proof secondary sump containment offers increased protection in case of a spill or leak. Made in America and hand-welded from heavy-gauge steel construction for maximum protection and durability.


Pesticide storage can come in a variety of different sizes. US Chemical Storage offers a wide variety of compliant pesticide storage buildings for your specific needs. Pesticide storage must be maintained and regulated - that is why we offer a wide variety of parts and accessories for your pesticide storage safety. The security of your fertilizer storage is essential. Pesticide storage buildings come with our 15-Year Structural Warranty and our chemical, weather and UV Resistant 2-Part Coating inside and out.

Pesticide Storage Building Accessories

Our extensive list of parts and accessories offer complete customization to maintain and regulate your pesticide storage.

Optional accessories are available and sometimes necessary when storing pesticides and substances alike. Racks, shelving, temperature control, mechanical ventilation, lighting, access ramps, spill detection, and explosion proof accessories are all available for increased protection. Contact on of our experience Sales Engineers today to learn more about your pesticide storage needs.


Our engineers are ready to customize the perfect pesticide storage building for your needs. Our superior pesticide buildings provide safe, compliant storage and are guaranteed for 15 years. Every U.S. Chemical Storage building is made in the USA. We are extremely proud of our pesticide storage buildings. Contact Us to start planning your pesticide storage solution today.


    Pesticides can be hazardous to individuals health and the environment if stored improperly. U.S. Chemical Storage offers compliant, safe and extremely secure pesticide storage buildings.

    Pesticide storage containers must be maintained and controlled. U.S. Chemical Storage offers extremely durable and dependable pesticide storage buildings to keep your pesticide storage secure. Hand-welded, right here in the USA, for ultimate strength and security. Our pesticide storage buildings are fully compliant and 100% customizable for your exact storage needs. Our chemical storage buildings are made from heavy-gauge steel for increased strength and ultimate dependability.

    Certifications and Permits

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    Efficiently manage and control the electrical devices and outlets you need to operate. Weatherproof, explosion proof, and fully custom accessories available


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    Store chemical drums on two tiers of racks, maximize space, and increase storage capacity with our 100% customizable hazmat buildings.


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    Protect and store your hazardous materials with our 100% customizable and compliant parts and accessories


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    Safely store chemicals requiring a specific temperature range with our energy efficient, space-saving,100% compliant and guaranteed climate control units