Storing Flammable Liquids and Ventilation Requirements for Flammable Liquid Storage

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Flammable Liquid Storage by U.S. Chemical Storage

Why store flammable liquids and combustible liquids in a chemical storage building?

Flammable liquid storage is very important and must be taken seriously.  Storing flammable liquids in a flammable storage container or cabinet can contain spilled flammable liquids that can further spread a fire, prevent deadly explosions, and can prevent chemical storage that is stored nearby from reacting with the fire.  Flammable liquid storage can also increase operational productivity and improve facility maintenance.

Should my flammable liquid storage building contain a ventilation system?

-Flammable liquid storage can vary, depending on what liquid chemical is being stored.  Flammable liquid storage buildings are not required to be vented for fire protection purposes, when used for storage of closed containers.  There are many different chemicals that can be stored with a flammable liquid storage container, so it is very important to do the proper chemical research before storing the flammable liquid.

Should my flammable liquid storage building have a secondary-sump containment?

-Yes, flammable liquid storage is prone to spills, or leaks and it is very important that your flammable liquid chemical storage building has a leak-proof secondary sump containment.

About U.S. Chemical Storage:

Make sure to store your flammable liquid storage in a fully compliant chemical storage building.  U.S. Chemical Storage offers 100% compliant and 100% customizable chemical storage buildings and flammable liquid storage buildings with built-in secondary sump containment for increased protection.  For increased safety, U.S. Chemical Storage offers customizable parts & accessories, such as mechanical and passive ventilation systems, stall showers, eye wash stations, shelving, drum racks, flooring, temperature controls and more.

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