Storing Chemical Drums

Chemical storage building housing chemical drums.

Chemical storage building housing chemical drums.

Storing chemical drums requires standard processes to ensure safety and avoid hazards. Most industrial plants store chemical drums to contain a range of different chemicals used in production processes. Chemicals are essential to the success in most businesses, whether they are used for manufacturing products or cleaning equipment.

Although chemicals are mandatory in many industries, the hazardous nature of many chemicals must be addressed before chemicals can be handled or stored onsite. Understanding the risks of storing chemical drums and having the ability to take steps to minimize those risks is essential to helping work-environments stay safe.

Storing Chemical Drums – Safety Tips

  • Prior to handling, visually inspect drums for information about their contents.
  • Inspect drums for any leakage, dents, corrosion or signs of obstruction.
  • If chemical drums are bulging contact safety officials immediately.
  • Utilize proper safety equipment when moving drums (drum grappler, front-end loader, forklift, drum carts etc.)
  • Ensure drums are tightly sealed before moving into storage.
  • Workers must have a clear view of the roadway when carrying drums.
  • Have overpacks & spill berms ready before any attempt is made to move drums.
  • Train personnel in proper lifting and moving chemical drums to prevent injuries.
  • Drums should have readable labels; if labels are not readable contact the manufacturer for replacements.
  • Segregate incompatible chemical drums.
  • Wear proper PPE before working with chemical drums.
  • Do not place drums in front of entryways, exits or any walkways.

Check out our chemical storage guide to learn more about chemical classifications for storing incompatible chemicals.

Hazmat storage buildings offer safety to personnel and investments, while meeting compliance standards for storing drums and other chemical storage containers. To learn more about hazmat storage buildings or to get a quick quote visit US Chemical Storage online or call 1-800-233-1480.


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